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Raizo Gabi is a general of the Kibaoni Army Corps and a major antagonist in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

He was voiced by Kenji Matsuda.


In the Sengoku Era, Raizo served under Gengetsu Kibaoni as one of the three generals of his army.

In the present day, Raizo was by Kyuemon Izayoi using the liquid fear collected from Kamaitachi and Kappa's rampages. Eager to fight the Ninningers, Raizo easily defeats AoNinger, ShiroNinger and MomoNinger before facing off against AkaNinger, leading to a rivalry between the two.

Seeking to settle his rivalry right AkaNinger, Raizo agrees with Kyuemon to bring AkaNinger and collect human fears. Raizo later fought and defeated AkaNinger, gathering lots of fear terrorizing the city. After fighting the Ninninger again AkaNinger shows up to have a rematch with Raizo. AkaNinger's care for his family summons a new Nin Shuriken that formed from four Sealing Shuriken, which AkaNinger used his Ichibantou to perform the Secret Shuriken Ninja Art: Blade Storm Fury Slashes which summon three other similar swords to defeat Raizo.

Happy to have fallen in combat, Raizo accepts his defeat and tells AkaNinger he has earned his respect. As he prepares to die, Kyuemon begins to enlarge him. Raizo pleads with Kyuemon to let him die this way, but Kyuemon refuses and enlarges him Raizo into a giant mindless monster, deploying two Gashadokuros to assist him against the Ninningers. The Ninningers then summon Shurikenjin and BisonKing to deal with Gashadokuros but are beaten back by Raizo. However, after the new combination system completed, the Ninningers fuse their mechas into King Shurikenjin, which overpowers Raizo Gabi and destroys him with King Unprecedented Slash, allowing him to finally die.

After Gengetsu Kibaoni was fully revived, Raizo Gabi was brought back in a new enhanced form. He was later destroyed again by AoNinger.


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