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Raja is the secondary antagonist in Goliath II. He is a crafty old tiger who always wants to taste a bite-size elephant like Goliath.


Raja first appeared while Goliath was playing. Raja was about to grab Goliath by the tail when his mother saved him and stopped Raja.

While Goliath got lost, Goliath's mother frantically went looking for him. Raja was also looking for Goliath, too. After a short tug-of-war, Raja was stopped again for the second time.

After Goliath was wandering off into the dark, he accidentally woke Raja up and Goliath cried for his mother, but Raja caught the little elephant by the tail, but his mother saved Goliath and grabbed Raja by the tail and tossed him high in the air and landed in the crocodile's mouth. Raja escapes its mouth, and runs away, scared out of his wits, and never to be seen again.

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