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Raja Jaja is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network animated series The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Knock It Off". He is the Indian version of Mojo Jojo.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Dick Hardly created a myriad of cheap knock off clones of The Powerpuff Girls and sold them to other countries. Three of them, he sold to India, so they could fight crime there. In India, there was an attack, being done by an evil Indian man, named Raja Jaja, who was standing atop an Indian tower and shooting people with lasers, that came out of a gem on his turban. Raja Jaja was an obvious parody on Mojo Jojo, as he shared the same body type, personality, role, and characteristics.

While Raja Jaja shot people with his turban laser, The Knockoff Powerpuff Girls flew up and told him to stop him from crime causing. Raja Jaja laughed at them and introduced himself. He told them to suffer from his turban laser, and he shot it at them. The knockoff of Buttercup punched him in the face, but because she was so poorly constructed, her arm fell off. Raja laughed at this, and though he had the lead, because of how poorly the first Knockoff Powerpuff Girl fought. However, the knockoff of Blossom flew up behind him and gave him a good punch in the back of the head, without breaking her arm. This stopped his laughter, because it actually hurt. The knockoff version of Bubbles flew up to him and utilized her deteriorating body for getting the upper hand against Raja Jaja. She swung her leg out, at him, and it broke off of her body, flying into Raja's face, and hitting him hard enough, that it made him fall backwards, off of the tower and crash land on the ground.

The entire event was broadcast on television and The Professor was watching it with the real Powerpuff Girls. The Professor thought these were the real Powerpuff Girls and commented on how interesting it was, that they went all the way to India to fight crime there. 

It is unknown if raja survived the fall or not. 


Raja Jaja is a human man of Indian ethnicity. He is a short, but muscular man, with the same body shape and face shape as Mojo Jojo. We wears a white turban on his head, that emulates Mojo Jojo's helmet. In the middle of his turban is a red gem, which he fires destructive lasers out of. He also wears a white diaper.


  • Raja Jaja shares the same voice actor (Tom Kenny) as Gangreen Gang members Lil' Aturo and Snake.