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Bloody fool!
~ Raja's most famous quote.
Your child gets nourished in the womb of his mother later,but first he becomes my slave! I'll do whatever I want! I'll use your wife, sons, daughters and daughters-in-law how I want! They are my property!
~ Raja's explains his power to enslave newborn to his slave at worker
Let the animals eat him.
~ After Raja Torture worker to revolt him

Raja Sahib is the main antagonist of the 1997 Bollywood film Koyla (in English; Coal).

He was portrayed by the late Amrish Puri, who also played Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Raja Sahib is a powerful man who controls the area he lives in with an iron fist, although he pretends to have the persona of a kind and just man, he is a selfish and murderous dictator who kills anyone who dares to defy him. His household consists of his violent and psychopathic brother Brijwa and his loyal mute servant Shankar who has been raised by Raja ever since his parents were murdered by two men who killed them after his father discovered diamonds in the coal mine. When Shankar threatened to reveal the truth a third man came up behind him and shoved hot coal down his throat rendering him mute. Raja later on adopted him as his servant and the two men were declared dead by the local Dig.

Raja is an extremely lustful man who one day notices Gauri, a happy girl, and wishes to marry her. However, despite her greedy aunt and uncle wanting her to marry Raja, Gauri wants to see a picture of her future husband first.

Fully aware that Gauri would instantly reject the elderly Raja, he sends her a photo of Shankar. Gauri instantly falls in love with him and the wedding proceeds. However, before the ceremony is completed, she discovers that it's not Shankar she is marrying and faints; Raja orders the priest to continue with the ceremony.

When Gauri regains consciousness, she discovers Raja trying to rape her and learns they're married. She refuses to seduce herself to him by attempting suicide, he imprisons her. One night Gauri tries to commit suicide however Shankar saves her. She accuses him of ruining her life however Shankar's friend reveals Raja's deceit and that Shankar was innocent in the whole affair.

One night, Raja's secretary Bindiya is frustrated when Raja falls asleep and is unable to perform and goes to Shankar, but instead finds Raja's brother Brijwa waiting for her. He attempts to rape her, but Shankar stops him, he takes a beating and gets framed for attempting to rape Bindya by Brijwa and is badly beaten by Raja who loses faith in him. Bindya confesses that she went to Shankar and is then sent to a brothel as punishment by Raja.

Gauri helps Shankar and begins to see him as her husband, when her brother Ashok comes to see her, Raja forces her to lie to him and says that she is happy as Raja threatens to kill him if she refuses. However Shankar reveals the truth to him and Raja kills him when he comes to rescue her; Shankar rebels against Raja and he and Gauri flee Raja's mansion.

Raja begins a murderous search to find the Gauri and Shankar enlisting the help of his brother and the DIG, however after a long chase through the mountains and jungle, Raja leaves due to being disadvantaged.

But unexpectedly Raja returns with reinforcements sees Shankar and Gauri near a waterfall and manages to capture them  Shankar is brutally beaten by Brijwa and the DIG and Raja slits his throat, then left to die in the mountains; Gauri is sold to a brothel. There, Bindya saves Gauri in repayment of Shankar’s debt and eventually gets killed by Brijwa. Shankar is found and saved by a healer, who operates on his throat  and repairs some of the damaged nerves in Shankar's throat, enabling him to speak.

Shankar recovers and returns, first he encounters and kills Brijwa and is reunited with Gauri after rescuing her from the same men that killed his parents. Shankar, in the process discovers that Raja who was the foreman back in the past was the person who made him mute and who ordered his parents to be killed so he could steal their wealth. Shankar then enlists the help of his friend and Raja's doctor to complete his revenge against Raja. 

He kills Raja's two henchmen and the DIG, then finally manages to expose Raja who finally apologizes to Shankar for his wrongdoings to him, but Shankar sets him on fire, ending his reign of terror once and for all.


Although Raja at first seemed to be a comical character, ultimately he was revealed to be cruel and inhumane monster who would kill and abuse anyone who dared defy him. His cruelty knew no bounds and he tolerated no betrayal and failure. Although he seemed to treat Shankar with care and valued his loyalty Raja was actually a monstrous individual who shoved coal into Shankar's mouth to stop him from testifying against his men.

Raja valued complete dominance towards others, and was shown to be extremely manipulative. Despite his clownish and outrageous behavior, he was an extremely intelligent man, as he orchestrated the successful takeover of the wealth discovered by Shankar's father and also tricked Shankar and Gauri into becoming part of his plans.

Raja was also a lustful individual and murdered anyone who dared oppose him; he treated his enemies with no mercy as shown through his brutal attack against his once loyal servant Shankar. When faced with situations that would not go his way Raja would devolve into complete cowardice as shown when he begged Shankar for his life despite everything he had done to him.


Your life is my property now.(Gauri: no) Your life and death is in my hands. Everything is in my hands.(Throw Gauri to bed) I can rape you right now, if I want but I won't. (Raja start to rape Gauri) Because I want to play the game of husband and wife with you (Gauri: no!) That's why I married you. But now it's the matter of stubbornness. Now I'll rape you when you permit me. I will definitely wait for that day, Gauri! I'll wait!
~ Raja to rape Gauri after cheated by wedding
Chanda, she is one of our servants, whom you can use every night at your brothel! Now she doesn't belong to my palace but to your brothel. Bloody fool!
~ When Raja servant defect to Shankar
Brother-in-law? you will take my wife outside? Bloody fool! This mansion is that cage, where death resides on every door and exits! You have entered the death-trap!
~ Raja threaten to kill Gauri brother if want escape the Raja mansion
He has run away with my wife! He has broken my heart! It's a throbbing pain. Only their death will lessen this pain! I will search the entire jungle.I will not rest until I get hold of them!
~ Raja want search Gauri and Shankar in Jungle As soon As Possible
What did you say? My Shankar? Then who am I? Scoundrel! Bloody fool!
~ Raja and his army found Gauri at hilltop and Shankar tortured
Chanda, she is not only beautiful, I had cared and nurtured her. But a scoundrel has spoiled her! And I don't keep spoiled things with me! (Chanda: Your Highness, who was that scoundrel who dared to betray you?!) There was one such fool! A slave named Shankar! I have sliced his throat and finished him off! (Chanda: But why did you spare her?) Well, if I wanted I could've killed her too! But the death would have been a salvation for her! But I want her to die every moment. A slow death! She will ask for the death, but she won't have it! Every drunkard and lowlife of this area. Debauch and characterless. I want every one of them to have fun with her! I want them to ruin her! Bloody fool!
~ Raja explain Shankar betray to him and want him dead like animal



  • The character’s quote bloody fool has become closely associated with Amrish Puri
  • He was one of the most famous characters played by Amrish Puri.
  • Is considered one of Bollywood's most famous villains.
  • Despite playing such a villainous character in real life, Amrish Puri was described by his co star Shah Rukh  Khan as one of the kindest individual’s you could meet.
  • Released in 1997, was also Pardes which starred both Amrish Puri and Shah Rukh Khan in which Amrish Puri played a father figure role to SRK's character.