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Rakshasa is a supervillain from Champions Online and a former henchman to Doctor Destroyer himself - since the defeat of his master he has become quite used to being his own boss and seeks to bring ruin to the world in order to continue the bloody legacy of crime and chaos that Destroyer's attack on Detroit left.

Rakshasa did a good job in this when he decided to attack the Canadian Wilderness, calling upon the powers of the demon-god Kigatilik to bring an entire passenger-jet from the sky and had demons plague the land with the intent of prolonging the suffering of survivors as well as any heroes who dared get in his way.

As Kigatilik's influence grew the dead began rising and the forces of law and order seemed overwhelmed, yet with the aid of the shaman Ravenspeaker a way was found to enter Rakshasa's realm and defeat the warlock just as he was summoning Kigatilik, asking the demon to bring cataclysm to the land..

Rakshasa is ultimately defeated by the player-hero and with the warlock vanquished the Canadian Wilderness is once again brought under control as the unnatural blizzard dies down and Kigatilik's influence (while not fully removed) is weakened enough to allow some order to return to the land.


  • Although it may be coincidence Rakshasa is also the name of a type of demon from Hindu and Buddhist mythology.