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Ralph is a mental patient and a minor antagonist in the movie Bad Dreams.

He was portrayed by Dean Cameron.


After Cynthia awakens from her 13 years of coma, she was introduced by Dr. Berrisford to his assistant's therapy group.

When Cynthia got there there, she first meet one of the patients named Ralph, spunky man with a cynical sense of humor who pretending to be Berrisford's assistant, Dr. Alex Kurhman who was presiding and veiwing the therapy sessions.

After the deaths of his fellow patients including Lana, Ralph was extremely upset and was beginning to lose grip on reality. He first stabbed his own hand and later knocked out a policeman that was assigned to secuiry detail for the patients at the hospital.

Ralph took Cynthia down to the hospital basement to have a "talk" with her. As he losing his sanity, he then later speaks in a voice only Cynthia reconignized, the voice of a dead cult leader whom she got away from when she was a child at the time of his love cult's mass suicide. She was later rescued by Dr. Alex Karmen and Detective Wasserman who approached Ralph swinging with small surgical knifes in a delirium. He then killed himself right infron of their eyes. His last words were "later".

Before his suicide, Ralph turned out to be taking drugs that soon turned him insane and having hallucinations like the other patients without them being awared of it, all condoned by Dr. Berrisford himself.