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It was a f-ckin' animal! A hundred grand a piece. My kid's in the f-ckin' hospital! I don't hear you complainin' when I bring you a nice fat envelope. You don't give a shit where that comes from!... Don't give me that look. It was a f-ckin' horse! What are you, a vegetarian? You eat beef and sausage by the f-ckin' carload.
~ Ralph when Tony confronts him about his horse.

Ralph "Ralphie" Cifaretto is a deuteragonist villain of the television series The Sopranos. He is a former soldier and member of the DiMeo crime family. Cifaretto is characterized as cunning and an excellent earner, but also unstable and prone to sudden outbursts of violence, often for no reason and at the worst possible moments.

He was portrayed by Joe Pantoliano, who also played Cypher in The Matrix, Gabe Ugliano in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Albert Arlington in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.


Ralphie comes of as a calm, polite and friendly gentleman, however he gets triggered very easily and is incredibly violent and cruel, even beating up his pregnant girlfriend to death. Due to his nature, even the other mobsters are disgusted by his actions and is one of the most unfavored member of the DiMeo crime family. Tony even said to Junior that he didn't even like him, and he'd throw a cinder block at him if he were drowning.

Vile as Ralphie could be, he did have some standards. He was genuinely reluctant to order his girlfriend's son Jackie Aprile's death after his botched robbery of Eugene's card game, but he ended up doing so in order to keep his honor.

He's also a big fan of sword and sandal films, like Spartacus and Gladiator and often quotes them while out with friends, much to their chagrin.

Later on in the series, Ralph starts to show some level of remorse and empathy after his son ends up in a coma, however when his racehorse Pie O My is killed in a fire (which is implied to be caused by him) he shows no sympathy and is killed by Tony Soprano.


Ralphie was born in New Jersey along with other mobsters such as Tony Soprano and Silvio Dante. In the start of the series he is away in Miami where he develops a strong addiction for cocaine.

He makes his first appearance in Season 3. He becomes fond of his girlfriend's son Jackie Aprile Jr. He also has an affair with a stripper of Bada Bing named Tracee. He gets into fights with Georgie and even injures his eye. When he finds out that Tracee is pregnant and she starts insulting him, he beats her up and bashes her head on a metal guardrail, killing her, which causes Tony to become furious with him and barres him from the strip club.

He continues to get on Tony's bad side when he begins having an affair with his sister Janice. He invest in a racehorse maned Pie O My which Tony becomes very attached to.

When his son Justin gets shot by an arrow when playing, Ralphie rushes him to the hospital where he lashes out with his ex-wife and husband, accusing them of negligence. In the following days, Ralph is guilt and grief-stricken and claims he regrets his actions he has done throughout his life. He even goes and visits Father Phil Intintola to try to redeem himself. Later on in that episode after Tony finds out about the stable burning down and Pie O My dying, he goes to Ralphie's house to confront him about it as he is suspicious that he may have burned it down to collect insurance money. When Ralphie shows no feelings for the horse, an enrages Tony attacks him and strangle him to death. Tony then disposes of his body with the help of Christopher Moltisanti.


  • Ralphie is to be one of the most hated characters in The Sopranos due to his extreme cruelty and unlike the other mobsters shows little to no redeeming qualities, although he starts to show remorse before his death.
  • While it may be implied that he killed Pie-O-My, it is left unclear whether or not Ralph started the fire, though he easily could have told someone else to start it.

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