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The comical cartoon duo, Ralph and Al are two policemen pigs dressed in cop uniforms and they are the antagonists of the movie Fritz the Cat, a film notable as being the first ever officially X rated animated film. While only following their duties the two policemen are often shown using police brutality throughout the film, and Fritz' obnoxious and uncooperative tendency do not help matters at all.

They are voiced by Phil Seuling and Ralph Bakshi.


They are called to investigate noise complaints coming from an apartment, keeping everyone in the town awake, the two approach the door to door to find out where the noise is coming from, and hilarity ensues.

Al tells his rookie friend Ralph "now on the count of three I want you to yell "Open the fucking door" now, now, say the word "fucking" cause that's... that makes you sound tough". When Ralph refuses to swear they get into a fight before knocking the door down, only to discover another door behind it. Once they break that one down too they see that Fritz and several other characters are having an orgy in the bath tub with loud disco music.

While Ralph waits outside Al tries to beat up and arrest everyone in the tub, a high Fritz grabs his gun yelling "hey look at this big fucking gun"' and shoots the toilet, causing a large amount of toilet water to wash everyone out of the room and onto the street. The two officers spend the rest of the film trying to catch and beat Fritz.

Ralph and Al are apparently killed when Fritz convinces a flock of crows to attack them, Ralph pulls out a picture of his kids asking "would you like to see a picture of my kids" and when he's hit in the head with a thrown bottle, he pulls out his pistol and fires into the angry crowd until him and Al are beaten to death.

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