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Ralpho is a minor antagonist in the Fazbear Frights book series. He appears in Fazbear Frights #5: Bunny Call, in the titular first story of the book as the main antagonist.


When Bob goes to sign for the activities his children and his wife want to do at Camp Etenia, the woman at the desk, Majorie, asks if he wants to sign for a "bunny call". She explains it's a service where the mascot Ralpho, an orange rabbit with cymbals, comes to the guest's cabinets from 5:28 AM to 6:00 AM and wakes them up making loud noises. Bob, who hates the camp and was forced by his family to spend there the only work-free week of the summer, accepts to take a revenge on them.

Later that night, however Bob remembers about the bunny call and he starts regretting what he did, considering that a really cruel prank, especially considering how his daughter Cindy reacts to loud noises. He attempts to sleep, telling himself he did nothing wrong, but the grief is too much and he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. He then realizes he can stop the bunny call and he tries to follow the sounds of footsteps he thinks belong to Ralpho, but he ends up in the middle of the woods. Understanding he was tricked, he ran back at the cabinet as fast as he can. When he hears someone knocking on the door, he opens, finding Ralpho in front of him. He stood behind the entrance and he tells him he doesn't need his service anymore. Ralpho seems to leave, but only to come back and trying to attack from the window. Bob, realizing there can be something wrong with the bunny, takes some improvised weapons and a flashlight and he tries to scare him away. When he ends up hitting Ralpho, some blood comes out of his ear. During the rest of the night, Ralpho tries to attack from every entrance, but Bob is able to prevent him from entering every time. The bunny then tries to enter from the back, and he's near to access the cabinet, but 6:00 AM hits and he's forced to retire.The following morning, Bob hears the director of the camp Evan apologizing for the bunny calls, saying that the counselor who should have weared the Ralpho suit overslept, implying the suit was in some way possessed.



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