When a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle, the man with a pistol will be a dead man.
~ Ramón Rojo to Joe.

Ramón Rojo is the main antagonist in the 1964 Spaghetti Western film, A Fistful of Dollars.

He is the middle-aged of the Rojo brothers, including the gang's leader Miguel and the violent Esteban. Though not the leader of the cartel, he is the most ambitious and cunning.

He was portrayed by the late Gian Maria Volontè, who also played El Indio in the sequel For a Few Dollars More.


He is first seen when Joe rides to where the Mexican army is doing a trade with the Americans, but the army is massacred when the Americans turn out to be Ramón and the Rojos in disguise. Afterwords, Joe tricks the Rojos and the Baxters to go to the cemetery to find two "survivors" of the massacre, really two dead Mexican soldiers leaning up against a grave.

Ramón is able to "kill" the "survivors" and capture Antonio Baxter in the process. While the fighting happens, Joe searches for the gold that they stole, but hides when he hears someone coming. It turns out to be Marisol, Ramón's mistress. Unfortunately, Joe doesn't realize this until after he knocks her out. He takes her to the Baxters to help her, and they use her to trade for Antonio. Joe learns of her past, and frees her, causing all hell to break loose while Ramón searches for both of them.

Ramón captures Joe and brutally interrogates him, but Joe escapes. Ramón thinks that the Baxters are protecting him, so he sets fire to there house and kills all the residents. The next day, Ramón is now interrogating Silvanito, but Joe interrupts them. After a standoff, Joe kills all of Ramón's guards, including Rubio, and challenges Ramón to see if he can reload his rifle faster than he can reload his revolver. He fails and Joe shoots him in the chest, killing him.


Ramón is described as the most capable and intelligent of the Rojos Brothers. He is extremely cruel, vicious, ruthless and sadistic. He does not hesitate to kill, being capable of killing an entire army of men seen as seen in the beginning of the film. He also feels a remarkable disdain toward Americans. His preferred weapon is a Winchester Rifle and views rifles as superior to pistols.


  • He prefers a Winchester Rifle and views rifles as superior to pistols.
  • He is based on Unosuke from Yojimbo (1961).


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