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With this robot, I'll make Oz pay for making me suffer!
~ Rambha.
Rambha: I was seriously injured in one of Oz's experiments. Ever since then--
Jessica: What do you mean of that?
Rambha: Hm? Where was I hurt? See this scar?!
Pixie: But I don't see anything on you!
Rambha: What do you mean you can't see it? I really WAS hurt!
~ Rambha revealing her need for vengeance against Oz to the Valkyries.

Rambha is a major antagonist in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade and also serves as one of the supporting antagonists in the game. She is the robot inventor who served as Oz's rival as she seeks to surpass her skills in order to improve her inventions, though the invention was destroyed and scarred her. Enraged of Oz, she allied herself with Taboo and aided them to conquer the Celestial Realm and the rest of the world as well as taking her revenge on Oz.

Following Taboo's downfall, she allied herself with the Archwitches in their plan of destroying their enemies and taking over the world. However, the Archwitches were defeated by the Valkyries, Demon Lords and their allies and she escapes again.

She later became one of the two final antagonists alongside Lilith in The Tower of the Hiding Succubus Final Battle as they allied themselves with the Succubi in order to destroy their enemies and take over the world. However, their effort was eventually tharwted by the Valkyries and Sky Knights as she accidentally broke her ankle and ended up sucked into the Witch Gate along with the Succubi as Lilith was captured, leaving her fate unknown.


Rambha was hailed from the Celestial Realm as she was the inventor who created robots to help the others. However sometimes, her inventions were often got destroyed during her experiments.

Wanting to improve her skills without the problem, she went and seek help from Oz, the another inventor as they helped each other to create the perfect inventions and they eventually became friends.

However after sometimes later, Rambha became to grew jealous of Oz's greatest works as the latter became very popular towards the other Celestial Realmers and resented towards her potential. Hurt and angry, Rambha began to make her plot to surpass Oz by trying to sabotage her inventions. However her plot was proved to be her undoing as she once tried to sabotage the experimental machine that Oz had invented and the machine was destroyed in the explosion which scarred Rambha as the result.

Upon being found out of her act, Rambha was casted out from the Celestial Realm and was still determined to seek revenge on Oz and the Celestial Realmers. She began to wander across the world until she crossed path with the organization called Taboo. At first, the group did not trust her but when she told them of her need for vengeance against the Celestial Realm, they accepted her and made her their spy.