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Rameses I is an antagonist in the 1956 film The Ten Commandments.

He was portrayed by the late Ian Keith.


Rameses was the father of Ceti and Bithiah and grandfather to eventual Pharaoh Rameses II. Rameses became aware of a prophecy of a deliverer who would deliver Egypt's Hebrew slaves to freedom. A paranoid man, he decided that he had to prevent the deliverer from coming about, and ordered the death of every male infant Hebrew. The Egyptian military carried out this mass infanticide with horrifying efficiency.

However a Hebrew woman named Yoshebel was determined to spare her own infant son from the same fate, and put the infant in a reed basket which Bithia discovered. Having lost her husband Bithia decided to adopt the infant, which she named Moses.

Rameses I later died and his son became Pharaoh Ceti I. Moses grew into a successful Egyptian prince, and after his true heritage was discovered became the prophesied leader who delivered the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery.

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