Ramiel was a minor antagonist in season 12 of Supernatural. He was one of the Princes of Hell who'd lost interest in all things related to Hell and Lucifer, and opted instead to live a normal life.

He was played by Jerry Trimble, Jr.


Ramiel was of the first demons created, sometime after Lilith. He was one of the crown Princes of Hell.

He and his three siblings, Dagon, Azazel and Asmodeus were devout followers of Lucifer and they were assigned as generals in the legion of Hell to defeat Heaven's Hosts.

However, while Azazel remained faithful to the plan to free the Devil, Asmodeus, Dagon and Ramiel lost interest, resulting in Azazel being angry with his siblings and leaving them out of spite. He called them "Dickless heathens!"


In 2010, after Lucifer's defeat and reimprisonment in the Cage, Crowley approached Ramiel asking if he wanted to claim the throne of Hell. Crowley was surprised when Ramiel offered it back to Crowley, calling him "slimy and ambitious" enough to take the glory. Ramiel said under one condition - Crowley ensured hunters and demons left the Princes of Hell alone.

Crowley assured this and left to seek fame.

In 2017, the Winchesters lost the Colt which their mother Mary stole and gave to Arthur Ketch and who Ramiel obtained it from. Looking for the gun, the Winchesters entered Ramiel's house and he attacked them. They duked it out with neither winning but Ramiel viciously killed their ally Wally and seriously wounded Castiel. He was then suddenly knocked sideways by Mary's car.

En route to his place, he was approached by Crowley who reminded him of their deal and begged him to spare the Winchesters, not through any friendship but because they kept saving the Universe. Ramiel flung Crowley through his window and entered the place.

As Castiel lay bleeding on the sofa, Sam and Dean set Holy Oil on the floor and imprisoned the angry Prince of Hell. They interrogated him for the Colt and how to save Castiel. "I don't care who you are and I don't care what you are doing here!" Ramiel raged. He explained he just wanted retirement. He didn't care about events on Earth, including Lucifer's soon-to-be-born Nephilim child.

Ramiel withdrew Michael's Lance from behind him and put out the Holy Fire. Screaming in anger, he attacked the Winchesters, beating them all, but then Mary and Sam stabbed him from behind, killing him. He caught fire and laughed eerily before exploding in a cloud of ash and dust.



  • Ramiel brings the story arc full circle back to Azazel.
  • Ramiel is the first Yellow-Eyed Demon appeared in the series ever since the death of Azazel in season 2, making it a ten-year-old gap to introduce a new Yellow-Eyed Demon.
  • Unlike his brothers and sister, he didn't display any of his powers.


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