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Ramon is a minor villain in season one of the Starz TV show Power. He worked for the hit-woman Pink Sneakers.

He was portrayed by Rudy Mungaray.


At some unknown point in time, Ramon met Pink Sneakers and was hired by her to rob a shipment of drugs from Ghost's crew. While Julio and Victor were trying to transport a shipment of drugs in a van Ramon drove in front of them and parked his truck forcing them to stop. He then got out quickly and held them at gunpoint with a shotgun. He made them exit the van and made them stand by a wall. Tommy snuck up behind him and put a gun to his head.

Tommy made him drop his gun and took him to a secluded building. Ramon is beaten for information but refuses to talk. Tommy resorts to extreme measures to make him talk. Tommy sets different parts of Ramon's body on fire and has Julio put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. Ramon eventually broke and revealed he was hired by some woman (Pink Sneakers) and that her boss was someone she called El Gordo (Kanan Starks). Julio and Tommy suspect El Gordo of being Anibal Santalises. Ramon dies a while later due to his injuries which Tommy and Julio don't notice. Ghost chooses not to kill Anibal and comes up with a different idea.


  • Despite his name never being mentioned on-screen Ramon's actor is credited as Ramon in the episode he appears in.
  • Ramon was Tommy's first on-screen kill.


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