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I have enemies, father. I have enemies. And, as long as I have enemies, the executions will continue. They'll continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, if that disturbs the people, well, then, if that's then what? Then let them do something about it. Let them go in the caves. Let them starve for a year! Let them raise an army like I did! I don't care what they do!
~ Ramos Clemente in the throes of his paranoid, homicidal fury

Ramos Clemente is the protagonist villain of The Twilight Zone episode "The Mirror". He is a revolutionary in a fictional country somewhere in South or Central America who overthrows an oppressive dictatorship only to become a new dictator himself.

He was portrayed by the late Peter Falk, and based off of real-life Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro.


Ramos Clemente is introduced having successfully overthrown the regime of General DeCruz alongside his four lifelong confidants, D'Alessandro, Garcia, Tabal, and Cristo. Clemente faces down De Cruz and revels in his victory, but the deposed general says that Clemente will soon learn the consequences of ruling by force. De Cruz also tells Clemente that his ornate mirror has the ability to reveal enemies in its reflection. Clemente is initially unmoved by this, and raves that he will see DeCruz die slowly and painfully, and also that all of his followers will be shot, choosing to forgo trials for them because "murderers cannot be murdered, murderers can only be executed".

When Clemente starts looking into the so-called magic mirror, he sees his confidantes in it one by one, each of them with a different means of killing, and murders them all. All the while, he continues his mass shooting executions of his so-called "enemies" and keeps it going for a whole week. Finally, he is approached by a priest named Father Tomas who asks him to end the executions. Clemente refuses, flying into a rage and raving that as long as he has enemies, the executions will continue. However, Clemente then breaks down and seeks counsel from the priest, having gone mad from his paranoia and the constant fear of being assassinated. But the priest only tells him that all tyrants have but one real enemy, whom they never recognize until it is too late. Clemente takes one last, long look in the mirror ... and sees only himself. He picks up his pistol and throws it at the mirror, smashing the glass. The priest, who was standing just outside the office, hears the glass break. As he listens at the door he hears a gunshot. He rushes into Clemente's office and finds Clemente's lifeless body sprawled on the floor, a gun in his hand, Clemente having killed himself to end his own self-inflicted misery.


...but I'm not going to place you against the wall. No, no, that's a cheap death for underlings. The firing squad is for followers, not for leaders! No, no, general. You're too good. Too good. For you, I'm going to strip you naked and cover you with honey. Then I'm going to tie you to the ground under a hot sun, and then I'm going to let the ants at you. And, every time that you scream, I'm going to drink wine. And every time that you pray for mercy, I'm going to laugh out loud. Because I want you to take a long time to die, DeCruz. One part death for every acre of land you stole, then one part death for every morsel you took out of a peasant's mouth, and one part death for every voice that you stifled by decree!
~ Ramos Clemente's vengeful fury towards General DeCruz.
Why are they so quiet? They scream for justice and, when you give it to them, they're suddenly bored, like an audience at a cheap burlesque. The entertainment must be varied. Every five minutes, must be a costume change. But I know them very well. You fill their stomachs, and you empty their brains. They have cheap tastes and short memories.
~ Clemente's outrage that the people no longer enjoy his mass executions.


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