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Ramrod is the main antagonist in the 1982 action-drama-thriller film Vice Squad.

He was portrayed by American actor Wings Hauser.


Ramrod is known to be a sadisitic pimp who runs some hookers in Los Angeles. Whenever any of his girls decides to go "outlaw"(meaning "independent"), he would beat them to death with a pimpstick. Ramrod is a psychotic man who enjoys hurting women.

One of his hookers who when outlaw on him named Ginger, decided to leave him after he beat her cause she was holding out on him. Ramrod finds her at the hotel she usually stays at and chams his way into her room, he then ties her up and beat her to death. Ramrod later on meets "Princess" a hooker and friend of Ginger, who is forced to be used to set up Ramrod by an L.A. vice detective named Tom Walsh, who wants Ramrod very bad cause of Ginger dying in the hospital.

Ramrod takes Princess to his apartment and Det. Walsh, his partner, Det. Edwards, and his other vice detectives, Mendez, Kowalski, arrest Ramrod and Princess reveals to him that she set him up. Ramrod is being taken away by 2 other detectives Mendez and Kowalski and manages to kick Kowalski driving in the face to cause a car accident for him to get away. Ramrod goes to some friends like Roscoe, who saws the cuffs off of Ramrod and then gets a car from him and goes to his other friend, Fast Eddie, who tells Ramrod about Dorsey, a sugar pimp who Princess used to work for before she went Outlaw. Ramrod pays Dorsey a visit and forces him to tell him where Princess hangs out, he then hurts Dorsey by cutting his balls off.

Ramrod hurts and kills one of Princess's friends, Coco, a fellow prostitute. When Ramrod sees Princess near a store window. Blue Chips and Dixie, 2 other prostitutes and Princess's friend see Ramrod in the truck and Ramrod tries to run over Princess, but kills Dixie in the process. Princess makes a run for it, but Ramrod captures her. Tom Walsh follows Ramrod to his loft. Ramrod takes Princess there to his lift and she almost manages to get away, but Ramrod catches her and he ties her up and does manage to beat her some with his own pimpstick. Tom Walsh breaks down the door and goes after Ramrod in his car and Ramrod makes a run for it. Walsh gets Ramrod with his car and pins him down while Ramrod was shooting at him. Ramrod tries to reach for his gun, but is shot by Walsh, killed.

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