Ramses is the main antagonist of the 2006 film Nacho Libre. He was a wrestler bent on defeating Nacho Libre.

He was portrayed by the late Silver King.


Nacho Libre is an aspiring wrestler who seeks to gain advice from Ramses but he is vain and in no mood to help aspiring wrestlers.

He is later seen in the audience during a wrestling match between Nacho Libre and Esquilito vs Satans Cavemen, when Nacho and Esquilito lose the fight Ramses chuckles at their failure.

He is later spotted in the market with another champion wrestler named Silencio by Nacho and his orphans who want an autograph from Ramses but when Nacho asks him for one he shoves him into a food cart which makes Nacho see Ramses for who he really is.

Later during a party for wrestlers Nacho and Esquilito sneak in the party and Nacho sings a negative song about Ramses with a band which makes Ramses angry who splashes a wine glass on Nacho.

When he is getting for his wrestling match with Nacho he seen is getting all oiled up and is inspired by a worker who says "Ramses is number one, his legs are number one, his eyes are number one, his muscles are number one, Ramesses is number one."

Right before the match begins Nacho offers Ramses a high five but ramses just shoves Nacho and when the match begins, Despite initial difficulty, Nacho does well in the match. When the crowd begins to support Ignacio, Ramses resorts to cheating. Nacho is nearly defeated—indeed, unmasked—by Ramses, when Nachos orphans enter the arena. Elated and inspired, Nacho rallies himself and defeats Ramses with an aerial diving technique.


Not much is known about Ramses personality as he rarely speaks but he is shown to be mean, vain, brutish, ruthless, selfish and egotistical and is willing to do anything to win a wrestling match even cheat.


  • He is 5'9 and 211.6 lbs.
  • Ramses is the only villainous role portrayed by Silver King as well as his most prominent.


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