I'm tired of your bullshit. I own you! I decide how and when you are going to die!
~ Ramzan while interrogating Niklas

Ramzan is the main antagonist of Johan Falk: Blodsdiamanter (English: Blood diamonds) which is part of the third season of the Johan Falk series.

He was portrayed by Christian Svensson.


Ramzan was the owner of the boxing club that the policeman Niklas Saxlid and Seth Rydell is members at. However, he was also an illegal weapons dealer and Seth was only there to make business with him, while Niklas tried to stop him. 

When Niklas successfully beats down Seth in the boxing ring, he thinks that Ramzan has gained respect and trust for him. Niklas places a bug at Ramzan's office. However, Ramzan finds the bug and in order to find whoever is the leak, he locks Niklas, along with three other petty criminals working for Ramzan; Renato, Leffi, and Zacke, in a bunker far away from town.

Ramzan tells the guys that he has found the bug in his office and that he won't let anyone go until the leak reveals himself. Niklas and the other guys try to escape, but everything goes horribly wrong when Ramzan has his brother Artem kill Renato. It also turns out that Ramzan was the one who was supposed to transport the weapons that Edgars had forced Johan Falk to deliver. Niklas eventually reveals himself as the leak to Ramzan after Ramzan starts suspecting that he is the leak.

Ramzan starts to torture Niklas in order to make him tell him who helped the police with stoping the delivery. Niklas refuses to tell despite having his entire face bloody. Ramzan then threatens to kill either Leffi or Zacke. Niklas gives up and tells him that it was Seth Rydell who tipped the police.

Despite that he promised not to kill anyone when Niklas told him, Ramzan forces Zacke to shoot Leffi against his will. He then lets Zacke go. Artem unties Niklas from his chair but gets attacked and shot by Niklas. Despite being heavily damaged from the torture, Niklas fights Ramzan and eventually strangles him to death with his legs.


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