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~ Randall to Michonne after killing John Fairbanks.
We all have our demons, honey. Some are on the inside. Some are sitting right in front of us. Wondering what kind of mother brings a child in this mess of a world. Ain't any blue skies for them anymore.
~ Randall provoking Michonne to unleash her demons, and his possible final words.

Randall is the secondary antagonist of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne. He is the co-leader of Monroe and the right-hand man of Norma who also is his sister.

He was voiced by Derek Phillips, who also voices Treavor Pendleton in Dishonored, Mark Jefferson in Life is Strange, and Arthur Maxson in Fallout 4.


Randall shows to be a cruel, merciless and barbaric man who has no qualm in killing innocents (even children). He shows to be as equally cruel to his own people, mocking Zachary for his homosexuality, as well as his supposed lack of usefulness. As the game progresses, his cruelty only gets worse; teasing Samantha and her younger brother James about their father's death at the hands of himself. Randall also threatens to kill everyone in Michonne's group, including James and Alex. He also provokes Michonne about her two daughters and can even push her into killing him. However, despite his sociopathic tendencies, he's also fiercely protective and loyal to his sister.


Not much is known about Randall's past other than he grew up with his sister Norma. It is indicated that Randall's father had abused him with a belt.

In Too Deep

Randall is first seen in the Mobjack, alongside their man, and they stole the supplies from Michonne's group. And took the group as a hostage.

Give No Shelter

After Michonne and the group's escaping, Randall and his men tried to kill them. But Michonne's group arrived to the Fairbanks house. Later, when John Fairbanks is pullng the zombie, Randall shoots him in the head and attacked the house with his two men. But the two men killed by Michonne's group and when Randall is trying to kill Paige, Michonne beat and defeated him. Michonne can kill Randall, bash him in the head with wrench or spare him and take him as a hostage.

What We Deserve

Norma and her men came to house with Michonne's men and Michonne offers Michonne a trade.

Randall Zombie

If Michonne accepts the trade, she will give a zombie Randall to Norma, after Norma spots him, she shoots him in the head.

If Michonne does not accept the trade, a shootout will start and Samantha will shoot a zombified Randall.

Randall Alive

If Michonne accepts the trade, she will give Randall to Norma, but, Randall will attack Michonne and attempt to kill her, but Michonne or Samantha shot him in the head.

If Michonne doesn't accept the trade, a shootout will start and Samantha will shoot Randall.


  • Killed by Michonne (determinant): At the end of Episode 2, Michonne has the option to kill Randall or let him live. If she kills him by bashing his skull with a wrench, he will turn into a walker in the next episode, and the group uses the walker Randall as a hostage. If she spares him and makes the trade in the next episode, Randall will attack Michonne once Norma unties him, and if the player succeeds the QTE prompt, Michonne will shoot Randall in the head killing him.
  • Killed by Samantha Fairbanks (determinant): If Michonne does not make the trade and the shootout starts, Samantha will shoot Randall in the head killing him regardless if he's a walker or not. If Michonne spares Randall in Episode 2 and makes the trade, Randall will attack her after Norma unties him. If the player fails the QTE prompt, Samantha will shoot Randall in the head killing him saving Michonne.
  • Killed by Norma (zombified, determinant): If Michonne kills Randall in Episode 2, and decides to make the trade, Norma will take the bag off his head and see he's a walker and be really distraught. She will then shoot him in the head out of mercy.


  • John Fairbanks: When John opened the gate to his house, Randall shot him in the head in cold blood. He showed no remorse for killing him, even though John had nothing to do with the fall of Monroe.
  • Greg Fairbanks (indirectly caused): Randall pressuring Zachary and yelling at him to get information on the supplies' location, led to Zachary accidentally shooting Greg in the chest, killing him.
  • Zachary (indirectly caused, determinant): Due to Randall causing Zachary to accidentally kill Greg, it causes Sam to kill Zachary in an act of revenge if Michonne chooses to let her kill him or fails the QTE prompt when trying to stop Sam from killing him.
  • Many zombies and unnamed people.



  • There are six ways to kill Randall.
  • In Episode 2, if the player chooses to make Randall answer the radio and then chooses the "Don't say anything stupid" option, Randall will reveal that he was abused by his father with a belt.


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