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Look, I'm a sex offender. I love offensive sex. I offend people with the sex I have. That's who I am, and that's who I'll always be.
~ Randy the Molester

Randy, also known as "Randy the Molester", is a creepy pedophile with a criminal record and the main antagonist of the American Dad! episode "The 42-Year-Old Virgin."

He was voiced by Erik Durbin.


When his CIA buddies Bad Larry and Ray with the help of Roger found out Stan Smith is a killing virgin, Stan passes on several candidates including Randy, a pedophile that announces he just moved into the neighborhood as a registered sex offender. Despite Randy describing in detail his crimes while a former employee at Wet, Young & Wild water park, Stan is preoccupied and pays no attention.  

When Steve Smith and his friends, Snot, Barry, and Toshi, are befriended by Randy, he has immediately sought to resume his old ways by kidnapping them (though none of them realize it at first). When Stan finds out Steve has been taken by pedophilic Randy to his secret hideout behind the waterfall at Wet, Young, & Wild water park, he, Roger, Bad Larry, and Ray rush in to save the boys.

At the water park, Randy still has Steve, Snot, and Barry unaware of his plans for them at first, but Toshi, upon hearing that they will be going behind the waterfall in secret, becomes suspicious, saying, "I am uneasy" in Japanese. Later, while playing a game of "Popcorn" (which involves the boys jumping up and down on an old mattress while Randy sprays them all with butter), Steve and Snot finally get suspicious, as well, with only Barry remaining blissfully unaware.

Stan finds Steve and his friends just in time, right before Randy is about to wrestle and molest Barry (who finally realizes that he was close to being molested). When Randy brags that he will get off and be back on the streets due to his mother's massive amount of money and a great lawyer, Stan, realizing that he will always be a threat to his son, replies, "I don't think so" and rightly tries to shoot Randy, but ends up killing Bad Larry by mistake, getting his very first kill. Randy is later arrested and hauled off to jail.

Randy obviously proves to be telling the truth about getting out of jail quickly, as he later makes a cameo appearance in the episode "100 A.D.," driving his "Ice Cream and Naps" truck on his search for Hayley and Jeff, who have run off to elope.


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