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This is for what?! Arresting me for what?! I'm not allowed to stand up for myself?! I thought this was America! Isn't this America?! Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was America.
~ Randy's famous quote after getting arrested at Baseball games.
Let's move out to the country. Go back to simple living when things mattered, like hard work and 'tegridy.
~ Randy decides to become a Hemp Farmer.

Randall "Randy" Marsh is a major character and recurring antagonist in the TV show South Park. He is Stan and Shelly Marsh's father and Sharon Marsh's husband, appearing for most of the show as a clumsy idiot who causes problems unintentionally.

Despite being a major protagonist in the series, he serves as the main antagonist of the 23rd season of the show. He also serves as one of the two main antagonists of 2020 special episode, The Pandemic Special (alongside Harrison Yates).

He is voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker, who also voices many other characters in the series.


He is a former geologist and the most recurring adult in south park, and is immature, obsessive and rude, embarrassing his whole family on many occasions. He is currently a weed farmer against his family's wishes.

His personality has changed drastically over the years, going from a somewhat smart individual, to an immature idiot, to a full blown terrorist, his intentions are always in the right place. however most of the time his obsessions get the best of him solidifying the fact that randy is an overgrown child.

He constantly causes embarrassment towards Stan and the rest of the family like that time he said the N-word on live TV causing a big fight between Stan and Token however he did feel remorse for this after he couldn't go to any public places.

Evil Deeds

  • A year after starting his cannabis business he becomes much more arrogant, narcissistic, delusional, and entitled.
    • He blew up multiple backyards because the people were not buying his weed, by growing their own, killing a few people in the process. In addition to this he had Stan on his behalf give an inaccurate speech about the "Dangers" of homegrown cannabis prior, when he was clearly trying to corner the market on cannabis in his town.
      • He was delusional in believing that people were "Stealing" his idea, even when cannabis cultivation has existed for a long time, but despite this obvious fact he believed that others growing cannabis was wrong when he was merely upset that his orders were down.
    • He became verbally abusive and hypocritical towards his children while trying to portray himself as the victim in the situation (such as accusing Stan of not caring about their family when he doesn't want to wear his "Tegridy Farms" t-shirt to promote the "Family Business" at a music festival he was going to perform at, while condescending Stan for not caring about the meaning of family, when Randy himself is going to China and doesn't care about missing Stan's performance) and would even wallow in self-pity when criticized with proper justification such as when he made a deal with the Chinese to sell them his cannabis and continuing to supply them knowing full well that they use it to plant on their student protestors to set them up for drug possession and imprison them, supporting government corruption (and betraying his ideals of legal cannabis).
  • Fighting at baseball games and disrupting everything.
  • Murdering Winnie the pooh to get a deal with the Chinese.
  • Selling unknowing people cocaine (more harmful than weed).
  • Multiple addictions/alcoholism generally make him do stuff impulsively, like buying a movie rental place and trying to murder his family.
  • In season 13 episode "Pinewood Derby", Randy steals a superconducting magnet from Large Hadron Collider and implants it in Stan's racing cart in order to help him cheat in the pinewood derby. When what is a supposed intergalactic criminal called Baby Fark McGee-fax arrives, Randy manages to urge his son to stab the criminal, taking his "space cash". He then persuades everyone to keep quiet and divide up the money, buying the world leaders' silence by giving them shares as well. He later criticizes the Mexican government for jeopardizing the operation by building many new hospitals and water parks. Upon learning that Finland is about to tell the truth about the space cash to the Intergalactic Police, Randy has other countries to destroy it in a nuclear missile attack.
  • Randy is responsible for bringing Coronavirus to America and indirectly causing people to contract the virus in the first place. This is due to Randy's trip to China where he and Mickey Mouse visited a red light district in Wuhan and they had sex with a bat, and then a pangolin causing Randy to become infected and due to this taking place in October before quarantine protocols in the US were enforced Randy shook off having the virus as "bad case of the flu". He then steals the pangolin from the scientific research center, before they can identify the foreign DNA in it and use it to create a vaccine denying the people of the world a cure to protect his image. Later after realizing his DNA might able to cure Randy ejaculates onto his new "Pandemic Special" strain of cannabis and distributes it to the public after it seemingly cures Jimbo of coronavirus. However it results in people getting sick again this time with facial hair that greatly resembles Randy's mustache. Later Randy finally seeing the error of his ways decides to return the pangolin he fornicated with so the COVID scientist researchers could create a vaccine. However Randy's shot at redeeming himself is lost after President Garrison shows up with a flame thrower and uses it to kill both a scientist and the animal so he can use COVID to commit the indirect mass murder of Mexican immigrants.


  • Randy is the most recurring adult villain in South Park ahead of Mr. Garrison and Gerald Broflovksi.
    • However, unlike those two Randy's actions are less heinous, or at least come from a good place if sometimes selfish.
  • Randy is one of the two main antagonists of The Pandemic Special due to causing the Coronavirus in the first place. He would also later cause a new virus in the form of growing Randy's mustache.



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