I'm Randy Pincherson!
~ Randy Pincherson's signature catchphrase.

Randall "Randy" Pincherson is an antagonist in Fish Hooks. He is a snobby, sarcastic and mischievous crab who attends Freshwater High.

He was voiced by Josh Sussman.

Personal life

He was seen next to Milo, Oscar and Bea on the line to give Jocktopus presents and was a football player ("Underwater Boy"). Mr. Baldwin was about to give pop-quizzes, making Randy shout for injustice ("Milo Gets a Ninja"). He really likes Bea (which makes Oscar hate his guts automatically), shows off that he has a huge amount of money, and tries to buy Bea off at the price of Brandon Bubbler tickets (which she rejects). Milo later takes a loan from him (not understanding what a loan is and assuming he was just giving him money) He later told Milo if he didn't give him money he owed, he would give him the "Big Pinch". He arrives at his house and appears to be ready to pinch him, until Oscar and Bea cut in saying that they already paid Milo's loan for him; causing Randy to say that he knew that and only wanted to scare him ("Dollars and Fish"). When Oscar yelled out "Somebody pinch me!", Randy appears only for him to turn around and tell him to go home ("Two Clams in Love"). He called Oscar "The Hunchback of Notre 'Lame'", then laughed about it, along with Piranhica ("Good Morning, Freshwater").

Background Information

  • He made four major roles which are in "Dollars and Fish", "Diary of a Lost Fish", "Milo's Big Idea", and "Merry Fishmas, Milo".
  • He is revealed to live inside a can and owns a laptop and a TV. It is also noted that if Randy is rich, it must be assumed he got it from his parents ("Milo's Big Idea")
  • It's unknown how could he have a factory despite living in one tank ("Milo's Big Idea")
  • His last name "Pinch"erson is based on the fact that he's a crab meaning he can pinch.
  • It is assumed that due to his huge amount of money that either his family is well off; or he's been in shady business deals.
  • He obviously likes Bea, which makes Oscar jealous.
  • His real name is Randall, as proven by his grandmother in "Diary of a Lost Fish".
  • He doesn't care about bunnies ("Good Morning, Freshwater").
  • He seems to be friends with Piranhica.
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