Ranshel & Sushel
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Ranshel & Sushel are characters from the Spiral Chaos games. In the first game, they tried to destroy the world, and in the second one, they reappeared and tried to save it from the impending chaos.


Ranshel wears a pink robe, with darker pink clothes underneath and pink bracelets. Sushel wears the same clothes as her sister, but hers being blue.


Not much is known about their personalities, but they seem to be cheerful, though selfless enough to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.


Ranshel can use fire attacks, while Sushel uses ice-based attacks. Together with their sister Michelle, the three are known as the Dragon Goddesses, and they can turn into a huge dragon.


  • Both are voiced by Aki Toyosaki, who is also the voice of Mirim.
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