First Form ll

Raoul is a vampire born in France and partner of Bathe'lemyGuillaume, Diane and servant of Sir Vampire, he is the third boss and a major antagonist of the videogame Vampire Night.


He is a dark-minded fencer who wants to avenge his love interest Sophie by killing humans, he might be the most arrogant member of the servants of Sir Vampire.

First Form

During the boss battle, he stalks the protagonists in order to kill them, he can multiply himself and trick the protagonists, he also can attack with his sword, he's an expert fencer. He later dissapears and let his minions do the service.

First Form II

Minutes later, he appears again but this time he is more stronger and powerful, now he can use his telekinetics powers to do a more advanced trick in the protagonists.

Second Form

Second Form

After the fight againts his first form. He sacrifices his human soul and becomes a full vampire.

He summons a giant demon-like monster to kill the players.

He has no attacks during the boss battle, however, he can fly around and tricking the player, it seems that he can also control the monster.

The monster can throw meteorite-like rocks and can punch the player.


After the battle against the second form, he transforms back into his human body and says the words:Sophie... please forgive me, when the protagonists were going to deliver a final blow, Caroline interfers and asks if he can be spared. However, much to the protagonists' surprise, he finds himself alive and well.

The protagonists accept and he is spared.


  • He is the only villain that redeemeed himself and is alive.
  • Like Bathe'lemy, he is frequently annoyed by Guillaume.
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