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You think you can escape if you transfer to another school? You're a nice toy for me to play with!
~ The Leader to Asakura Mizuki.

The Rapists, also called as the Brute Trio by Asakura Mizuki are supporting antagonists in Guns Girl Z (Houkai Gakuen 2) appearing as the secondary antagonists of the controversial chinese Houkai Gakuen 2 - Three Year Sakura.

They were a group of three (heavily implied to be four in total) male students of the Japanese Senba Highschool in Tokyo who joined forces to rape every girl they find attractive enough to fulfill their lustful desires. Because of how limited they were, they choose only to sexually abuse students of their school. They are indirectly responsible for transforming Asakura into the Herrscher of the Sexual Desire and her hatred for men.

They were killed during the Houkai Crisis started by Herrscher of the End alongside all mankind and never revived again in the New World. 


The Rapists were a group of three lustful Japanese highschool students active at Senba HS and were notable for their lazy and aggressive behavior. They used their status as bullyings to intimidate girls so they could rape them multiple times with threats of leaking photos of their bodies after-rape in internet.

When Asakura joined Senba, they targeted her for being anti-social and isolated from the rest of the class, raping her countless times to the point she tried to transfer to another school and begun to hate all men for their sexual predator nature. Such abuse caused her to be possessed by the Will of the Houkai and became a weak Herrscher called Herrscher of the Sexual Desire in reference to their lustful nature.

In December 6, Kiana Kaslana was dispatched to Senda HS to investigate the case but on the way to the school she found Asakura about to be gang-raped by the three delinquents. Easily, the Valkyrie defeated the rapists and left without saying a word. 

The rapists continued on loose due to Kiana's option to not call the police upon them. 2 years later, they received their well-deserved fate at the hands of Herrscher of the End (Herrscher of the Void of the Old World) when she started the 3rd Apocalyps, killing the group alongside the rest of all human civilization. It's unknown if they exist in the New World like most people.



  • Because of the trio's raping crimes, the manga of Three Year Sakura was easily considered the most controversial work of the Honkai franchise to date, resulting in the manga being banned in mainland China due to the censorship laws of the country and declared non-canon, resulting in Herrscher of the Toxin being created to serve as a less controversial mirror to Herrscher of the Sexual Desire.


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