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Rasin and Lakasei are a pair of alien brothers that serve as henchmen for Turles and are villains from the Dragon Ball Z movie, The Tree of Might.

Rasin was voiced by the late Kenji Utsumi in the Japanese version, and by Don Brown in Saban version, Scott McNeil in Pioneer version in Ocean Group dubs, the late Jodie Forrest in AB Groupe dub and Robert McCollum in Funimation dub in the English version. Lakasei was voiced by Masaharu Satō in the Japanese version, and by Alec Willows in Saban version, Don Brown in Pioneer version in Ocean Group dubs, Sharon Mann in AB Groupe dub and Robert McCollum in Funimation dub in the English version.


Next to nothing is known about Rasin and Lakasei's past, except for the fact that they were recruited by Turles at some point.

After deciding Earth was able to sustain the Tree of Life, Rasin and Lakasei, along with their cohorts, Amond, Daizu, and Cacao, accompanied Turles to the planet, so as to plant the tree. The duo, along with the others, fought against the Z Fighters after they attempted to put an end to Turles's plans and won rather easily. They later took on Son Goku, only to be meet their end after he used his Kaio-ken technique.

Powers and Abilities

As well as all the basic powers of most of the other Dragon Ball series characters, Rasin and Lakasei have the power to combine into one being, then separate at will.


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