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Obviously this is only a minor setback. I will continue my research, albeit at another facility, for this one is compromised. As an aside, I have not yet heard word back from Dr. Grigori, so I must only assume he is satisfied with the specimens he received. I will count this as the primary success of this project thus far.
~ Dr. Yelkov on his file.
Excellent. Now, the cyst currently growing within your eyelid, can you tell me when you first began to experience pain there?
~ Dr. Yelkov to one of his subjects.

Dr. Rasmin Yelkov is a human scientist recorded on SCP Foundation's files and is the creator of a series of Keter-level phoenomena known as SCP-1994, being responsible for its fatal consequences but only regards them as setbacks and necessity on his research. His methods of creating SCP-1994-1 serum involves the cruelty against some tooth fairies from the overall species of SCP-478 and crimes against humanity.


Early Life

Nothing is known of Dr. Rasmin Yelkov's past, but he was a scientist from Soviet Union who got contacted by his colleague, Dr. Gregori, to give the latter a hand in his project of creating human teeth - a request Dr. Yelkov gladly accepted and tried to achieve it in the most horrible way human could ever imagined.

Discovery of SCP-478

In 1958, during his research, Dr. Yelkov discovered a man who lived with a clan of mystic tooth fairies (later known as SCP-478) and bargained with the man in order to contain these creatures.

However, after the bargain failed, Dr. Yelkov murdered the man and had the tooth fairies for himself. He tortured them, mutilated them and experimented on them to produce SCP-1994-1, which is a special serum that made teeth (known to the Foundations as SCP-1994-2) grow out of human body, and the process was extremely painful. The test subjects were all humans in all ages, known as SCP-1994-3 to SCP Foundation.

Creation of SCP-1994

During the experiments, Dr. Yelkov ignored the pain and suffering of his victims, even when they started cursing him aloud. He only cared about how much of pain they felt and recorded them in every details. As time went by, the effects of SCP-1994-1 became contagious and even started to become a pandemic phenomena against ordinary people, starting the event of SCP-1994.

However, instead of trying to do something to stop it, Dr. Yelkov only believed the contagion was merely a setback and decided to move to another facility so that he could continue his experiment. He also sent the deceased specimens to his aforementioned colleague, Dr. Gregori, but received no reply. Uncaring to his friend, Dr. Yelkov considered this to be an agreement and success. In fact, it could be assumed that Dr. Gregori was killed by the contagious effects of SCP-1994.


During a raid on Dr. Yelkov's former lab in 1959, some of the instances and victims of SCP-1994 were discovered by Foundation agents, but Dr. Yelkov was nowhere to be found. He went completely missing alongside some instances of SCP-1994-1 and SCP-1994-2, and his current fate remains unknown.

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