Rasputin is a minor villain in Soul Eater series. He is shown in a Church in Moscow. He´s one of the souls that Maka and Soul need to collect to make Soul a Death Schyte.


Having only appeared for a short time, his personality is not that much known. However, it appears he has pride in his abilities, boasting to Maka and Soul that not even bullets can hurt him. He also called himself a "badass".



His title is 'Evil Monk' in the English dub. He takes on the form of a giant figure, easily twice as tall as the average human being and has an even wider girth, with his shoulder area wider than the rest of his body. His arms are long whilst his legs are stubby, and he has large hands. He is dressed in a black monk's habit and beneath it, he seems to wear diamond-patterned stockings. He wears an ecclesatial hat similar to Justin's, only his is black. He has a white beard that ends in the shape of a cross and a string of beads around his neck. His eyes are round and black with white pupils and he has sharp teeth, rather like Soul and Giriko.


Rasputin was only shown in the series for a few minutes, but from the statements that Rasputin made it was implied that he possessed superhuman durability, with his body being invulnerable to projectiles.


  • Rasputin may have been a reference to the Rasputin who manipulated Tsar Nicholas II because the Bolsheviks tried to kill Rasputin in several ways including being shot several times. Rasputin mentioned that bullets was ineffective against him.
  • He has a cross shaped beard
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