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Long story short, this particular lame duck of hers turned out to be more of a lame cobra. She didn't want the money back that she'd given him, or an apology for the black eye he'd given her. She just wanted him to get that they were through, and leave her alone.
~ Kick-Ass describing Rasul's history with Katie whom he abused

Rasul is Katie's ex-boyfriend, drug dealer, and a minor antagonist of the 2010 superhero action comedy Kick Ass.

He was portrayed by Kofi Natei.


Rasul regularly harassed and threatened Katie as her abusive boyfriend, even giving her a black eye, so she leaves a message to the vigilante Kick-Ass on his website, asking him to get Rasul off of her back after persuasion from her friend Dave Lizewski, who unbeknownst to Katie at the time is Kick-Ass.

Kick-Ass confronts Rasul at his apartment and warns that he leave Katie alone, or else he will come back and break his legs. Rasul refuses, and challenges Kick-Ass, who shoots him in the face with a taser. The drug dealer's thugs, however, quickly overpower Kick-Ass, and Rasul is about to kill him with a knife when another vigilante, Hit-Girl, appears and impales the gang leader through the chest with one of her spears, killing him.

Eventually Katie learns of his death later in the movie and cries about it, with Dave reassuring her that people with that lifestyle eventually get caught up in bad situations. When Katie mentions his death, it also sparks a reaction within Dave that reminds him of the reality of his own situation.


What is this? Trick or treat or somethin'?
~ Rasul when he sees Kick-Ass's costume unaware that he's actually a superhero
Fuck. Now I am dead!
~ Rasul bemoaning about losing during a videogame he's playing
~ Rasul responding to Kick-Ass when asked about Katie Deauxma
What? Yo Kid...Who the hell are you? What is this?
~ Rasul angrily reacting when asked by Kick-Ass to leave Katie alone
Or what?
~ Rasul questioning Kick-Ass when told a second time to leave Katie alone or he should suffer the consequences
I'm right here now, baby! What's up?
~ Rasul taunting as he prepares for Kick-Ass to fight him before he is tasered by him
Hold him!
~ Rasul ordering his henchmen to hold Kick-Ass down so he could kill him after being tasered by him
You're so fuckin' dead, man!!
~ Rasul's last words to Kick-Ass before he is impaled through the chest fatally by Hit-Girl's duel swords


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