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[[Category:Comedy Villains]]
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Fantastic Mr. Fox Rat
Y'all are trespassin' now. Illegally!
~ Rat
Rat is the secondary antagonist in the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. He was Bean's security guard that guards the cider room.

He is voiced by Willem DaFoe who also played Green Goblin (Spider-Man Films).


Fox and Rat put up a fight and succeeded in stealing's Bean's strong cider. Later, while Mrs. Fox and the other animals went looking for Kristofferson, Rat showed up again and attempted to kidnap Ash, but Mr. Fox arrived and fought him, and Rat was killed by getting electrocuted by an electric fence. As he lay dying, he told where the three farmers' hideout is, then he died.

He appears earlier in the movie than in the Roald Dahl novel. He also has a bigger role in the movie and plays a real antagonist while in the novel, he was a minor character.


  • "Round these parts, we don't take kindness to cider poachers."
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