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Tremble in fear, my child. Follow me into everlasting night.The Rat King during his song.

The Rat King is the main antagonist of the 2012 critically panned Christian animated film Strawinsky and the Mysterious House, which is well-known for its terrible animation and the character "Globglogabgalab".

He is voiced by Eric Clayton.


The animated film concerns four anthropomorphic animals led by the titular Strawinsky, a mole. One day, the group of animal friends discover a strange house. Once they go inside of the house, they meet several bizarre characters such as a Scottish troll who is trying to keep the mysterious house in perfect condition, an anthropomorphic cello who hadn't been played for years, and a gluttonous creature known as the Globgogabgalab, a former elf who had been transformed due to his affixation for books. Rather than reading the books, the Globgogabgalab instead enters into a book to absorb its words. Strawinsky follows the Globgogabgalab into one of the books, where he learns about the evil Rat King who was largely responsible for Globgogabgalab's state as well as for other misdeeds.

Strawinsky returns from the book only to find that his friends had been frozen in place because of being corrupted by the Rat King's books. In desperation, Strawinsky cries out for the Scarlet Queen, a woman who is an agent of Elohim. The Scarlet Queen arrives and painstakingly heals Strawinsky's friends. The Rat King unexpectedly emerges from a wardrobe, ranting about how the Scarlet Queen and Elohim always foil his plans. The Rat King performs a song before descending back into his lair. The film ends with the Scarlet Queen taking the talking cello into Heaven, and Strawinsky and his friends manage to escape the house.


  • Despite being the main villain, he only appears in one scene throughout the entire film.
  • His voice actor Eric Clayton is a member of the gothic Christian metal band called Saviour Machine.
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