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Ratbat was a minion of Soundwave, themed after a bat who transformed into a keytar, and was a minor antagonist of the cartoon Transformers Animated


Ratbat only appeared in the series 3 two part story Human Error, and served alongside Laserbeak as Soundwave's minion. Ratbat is first seen in his Keytar mode, where he was used by Soundwave to initiate the final phase of his plot to reprogram the Autobots into Decepticons. Ratbat later uses his bat mode for the first time to attack Prowl after he shook off the brainwashing. He is mostly used in keytar mode to control the Autobots. Ratbat, Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Optimus end up in a guitar/keytar battle and Soundwave gets dismantled after Optimus uses Laserbeak as an axe. As a result Ratbat is destroyed, Laserbeak carries Soundwave's most basic component away to parts unknown, but was not seen to be carrying any part of Ratbat.


  • Ratbat is most clearly modeled on the G1 cartoon's depiction of Ratbat as a servant of Soundwave, rather than the accountant of the comics.
  • Given his hypnotic powers, this Ratbat is something of a cross between the original Ratbat and Mindwipe.


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