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Oh, Yeah? What are you gonna do, man? You gonna shoot me, huh, pig?
~ Raul's last words to The Cop, moments before he dies.

Raul Jimenez is a minor antagonist in the 2015 thriller film, Circle

He was portrayed by Cesar Garcia, who also portrayed No-Doze in the TV series Breaking Bad.


Raul is one of the 50 people who are kidnapped by The Aliens, forced to participate in a killing game, standing in a circle with a turret in the middle, which shoots the participant after 2 minutes, who gains the most votes, voted by the participants.

After a few participants are already killed, a debate starts about voting for a Mexican participant, who can't speak English. The debate ends and another participant gains the majority vote and dies. Raul congratulates the Mexican in Spanish, which gains him attention.

One of the participants, The Cop, seems to remember him, revealing his job as a mechanic in North Hollywood and his name to the others. The Cop also accuses him having brutally beaten his girlfriend. He also assures that it is Raul whom he remembers, by recognizing him through his tattoo in shape of a tear drop. Raul then tells the meaning of the tattoo is a memory of his cousin, who got shot by a policeman when he was sixteen.

After a short discussion about whether the story beating his girlfriend is real or not, he confesses by saying, "Bitch got what she deserved, man." The time for the votes closes in, with Raul asking the policeman if he is going to shoot him, and The Cop replies, "I don't think I need to" as the majority votes for Raul, and the alien turret kills him.


Raul was a Mexican-American man who seemed to be part of a gang, through having tattoos and having a hatred against cops. He seemed to care about his family, having a tattoo inked in memory of his cousin. However, he was aggressive towards his girlfriend, beating her and not showing remorse for it. These qualities are likely what led up to him eventually getting the votes to be killed.



  • He's the only character in the movie whose full name is revealed.
  • He's the only one of all the participants, approved, to have committed crimes and villainous acts, before the events of the film.


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