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Raul and Fernando, also known as the Brown Llama and the Orange Llama respectfully, are the secondary antagonists of 2015 stop-motion film Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas. They are friends and minions of Hector.

Raul was voiced by Sean Connolly, while Fernando was voiced by Chris Grimes.


Raul are and Fernando are quite like Hector. But they happened to be a little more into redemption than Hector who mainly started all of this. They happened to be kind at first but they are on the other hand truly evil. They like to help Hector on his plans.



Raul is completely brown and his hair covers his eyes and the shortest llama.


Fernando is white with brown patches. he usually wears a cap.


Raul and Fernando first come with hector hypnotized and mess up the cake contest. Thanks to their boss, Hector Shaun tricks the judge to sell them to the Farmer. Later, Shaun introduced them and played a football match with them. They won. Then Timmy takes the flute and hypnotizes them. Then when hector got the chance to watch it, they watch carefully. Then in the bath, They messed it up, especially that Fernando farted. Then they took all the pillows and slept.

In the morning, Raul and Fernando woke up and were ready to eat breakfast and looked at it disgustingly and ate the sheep's and spat it out s it was horrible. Then they had the food the farmer ordered. Then Raul and Hector were playing with a scooter. While Shaun tries to stop them, Fernando took the bottle away from Timmy which made him cry. Then the scooter took of and Fernando was riding it. Then after the scooter destroys the barn, they walk away. Then they watched TV with hector. Then they chased the Farmer and Bitzer. Shaun then lured them to the the cart. After the flock saved the farmer from falling, they busted out thanks to Hector. Then the pursuit ed them.  Then they join Hector when he makes an attempt to kill Shaun. Thanks to the flock, they were hypnotized and fall to the cart. last, they were taken away with Hector and in the credits, they were pets of a girl and they didn't appreciate it.


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