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I tried to scream then, to confess it all. To somehow beg for forgiveness. But there is nothing now, save for the soft murmur of whispers. I spill my secrets, this tale, into your ears. Fading like the rustling of wings, as the raven cries its carrion caw...
~ Granth as he is killed by Swain's demonic powers.

Raum is an antagonist in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, that appears as the sidekick to the villainous playable character Jericho Swain.

The mysterious Demon of Secrets, Raum is a malevolent being that serves as the source of Swain's demonic powers, appearing in the form of a flock of ravens that follows the Noxian Grand General everywhere he goes.



The demon that would come to be known as Raum has existed for centuries in the depths of the Immortal Bastion in Noxus. No one knows where it came from or what its motivations may be, but many have sought out the demon's power, including organizations such as the Black Rose to use against the regime of Boram Darkwill.

As fate would have it, Jericho Swain, the man who would one day learn to control the demon's power himself, uncovered the plot from the treacherous cabal, having the conspirators executed for treason against the empire. For this feat, Swain gained both Darkwill's favor and the interest of Raum, who would continue to follow the young Swain on his military campaigns in the western borders and Shurima

When Swain was gravely wounded and near death at the invasion of Ionia, Raum approached the defeated general in the form of a raven, gazing into his mind with demonic eyes to reveal all the secrets of Noxus. Swain was shocked to realize his defeat was the result of a betrayal, and that the Black Rose, the cabal he thought he'd defeated all those years ago, was still at large under the matronage of a pale sorceress, who had manipulated the aging Emperor Darkwill until he was little more than their puppet.

Disgraced for his failure and now considered a "cripple", Swain made his way into the Immortal Bastion to learn the secrets of Raum's demonic power for himself. A dealmaker, Raum awaited Swain's arrival with anticipation hoping to manipulate the disgraced general to its own ends. But when Swain did arrive, he managed to outsmart the demon, taking Raum's powers for himself. Swain gained a new demonic hand from Raum, as well as all the visions and secrets.

With this newfound power, Swain overthrew the corrupt Darkwill with ease, and instated a new order; a Trifarix Council of Three that would govern Noxus according to the Noxian Principles of Strength. Now the new Grand General of Noxus, Swain hopes to use his newfound powers to make his vision for the empire a reality. And everywhere the Grand General goes, the demonic ravens of Raum are always sure to follow.



  • Before Swain's rework, Raum simply appeared as a raven named Beatrice.
    • Swain now has a quote referencing this when feeding his birds, asking which one is Beatrice.
  • The demon's name was confirmed to be "Raum" after the Fiddlesticks rework. Before that, Swain's demon remained unnamed.
  • The name "Raum" is a reference to Raum in demonology, a demon who appears in the shape of a crow.
  • According to developers, the concept behind Raum was that Swain had made a Faustian bargain with a demon, but as a master tactician was able to outsmart it and take its powers for his own.


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