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Decepticons forever!
~ Ravage

Ravage is a recurring antagonist of the G1 Transformers and Beast Wars cartoons and comics. He is one of the Decepticons and Soundwave's deployable minions. While in the cartoon, Ravage was little more than an animal, the comic's version of Ravage could speak. He would return as a one-shot villain in Beast Wars.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker, and was voiced in Beast Wars by Lee Tomar.



In More Than Meets the Eye, Ravage was among the Decepticons that attacked the Autobot ship the Ark, and after being crashed on Earth for 4 million years, Ravage was reformatted as an audiocassette to better blend in. Ravage served loyally as a Decepticon spy. He was one of the first Robots In Disguise to have been encountered by a human, as workers investigating a destroyed power station fell foul of Ravage who pounced upon them and frightened them away.

Shortly after, Ravage accompanied Soundwave on an infiltration mission to gather data from Teletraan I. Though Soundwave was discovered, Ravage was captured in an energy net and held captive. The Decepticon spy figured into a disinformation plot hatched by the Autobots, who purposely leaked the presence of a rocket fuel depository in the outlying desert. In truth, there was no rocket base as the Autobot Hound projected a holographic illusion in the hopes of luring the Decepticons into a trap. The Autobots allowed Ravage to escape and report back to Megatron, who saw through the ruse.

Ravage would go on to aid his master and the Decepticons in their war with the Autobots on many occasions, often being deployed to spy on the Autobots. He shared a strong bond with Soundwave, who treated him affectionately like a pet.

The Movie

During the Battle of Autobot City in 2005, Ravage was dispatched along with Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat to take out Blaster's communication tower and instead were pitted against his own cassette Autobots. After the battle, Ravage helped fight for Soundwave's bid for leadership of the Decepticons.

Season 3

Ravage was still with the Decepticons after they were exiled to Chaar, and would continue to aid the Decepticon cause. Notably, in "Call of the Primitives", he, along with several other "primitive" Transformers, were summoned to fight Tornedron. Although Ravage was defeated by the energy monster, he and all the other drained Transformers were restored back to normal thanks to Grimlock.

UK-only stories are in italics


As revealed in State Games, Ravage was a loyal bodyguard for the Overlords, the bots that once ruled Cybertron, for generations. He witnessed their rule crumble into a loose collection of feuding city-states, with the autocracy being held together through gladiatorial games. A war broke out between Vos and Tarn, and Ravage and his partner Nightstalker attempted to escort the elderly Overlord to safety. Joined by the gladiators Megatron and Optimus Prime, their journey was perilous. After Prime raced ahead to get help, Nightstalker self-destructed in a final act to defend the Overlord, leaving the ruler alone with Megatron and Ravage. Though the Overlord was near death, Ravage refused to help the Overlord, allying with Megatron, whom he believed would be the future ruler of Cybertron.

Arrival on Earth

In US Issue #1, Ravage was at Megatron's side as he forms the Decepticons and begins the war with the Autobots. Ravage was the one who discovered Optimus Prime was taking the Ark into space, resulting in the Decepticons ambushing it and both sides crashing on Earth. Revived four million years later, during the first miniseries Ravage often clashed with the Autobot Mirage and was the one who found out both about the existence of humans as the dominant lifeform and Sparkplug Witwicky's attempts to help the Autobots use human fuel.

Ravage was assigned by Megatron to keep an eye on the potentially treacherous Starscream and discovered his plan to force a conflict between Autobots and Decepticons by attacking a human city without authorisation. Starscream shot Ravage out of the sky when he saw him spying on him, but Ravage survived and informed Megatron. He monitored Starscream's duel with Brawn and shot Starscream down after he appeared to win, blaming the Autobots. He joined the subsequent attack on the Ark but ended up reluctantly teaming up with Windcharger when the ship's computer turned on both Autobots and Decepticons.

During Megatron and Shockwave's joint leadership, Ravage was assigned the job of guarding the captive Danny Finkleberg, who had posed as a human terrorist named Robot Master as part of a cover story for the Transformers' presence on Earth. Ravage pursued Finkleberg when he escaped but ended up battling the Autobot Skids, who threw him down a mineshaft.

Aiding Megatron

Ravage remained dormant for some years before being revived by the earth tremors caused by the time rift. He was stunned to encounter both Galvatron and Megatron but quickly joined forces with them. However, during the subsequent battle with the Autobot Wreckers and Decepticon Mayhem Squad, Ravage became aware that the time rift, the result of Galvatron's presence in the past, was threatening to destroy everything. He played a key role in convincing Shockwave to help seal the rift and avoid the future he had been informed of.

Ravage and Megatron stole the Mayhems' shuttle and returned to Cybertron, where Megatron managed to depose the ruling Triumvirate. His plans were derailed by the arrival of another Megatron, who revealed that the Megatron with Ravage was a clone created by Lord Straxus, who had transferred both his own mind and a copy of Megatron's into the clone. Ravage refused to believe the newcomer but the clone did and destroyed himself.

Return to Earth

Ravage ended up back on Earth as part of Shockwave's rebel Decepticon group, aiming to wrest power of the Earth Decepticons from Scorponok. Their attack was interrupted when all the Transformers on Earth were summoned back to Cybertron to help defend it from Unicron.

Ravage was seen in Issue #75 fleeing in terror from Unicron's attack. He may have survived the battle and become part of Bludgeon's attack on the planet Klo, since someone that resembled him attempted to attack Optimus Prime during their final battle only to be blasted by Grimlock.

Beast Wars

Near the end of Season 2, Ravage was sent to prehistoric Earth in a transwarp cruiser to capture Megatron. With the help of Tarantulas, they succeeded in capturing him, but he used a fragment of the Golden Disk to reveal that he was following the original Megatron's orders all along.

From here Ravage joined the Predacons and attacked the Maximals, but was killed when Rattrap planted bombs on Tarantulas to blow up his ship. All that remained was his lifeless head, which (at the beginning of Season 3) was kicked into the river by one of Tarantulas's spider drones.

Unicron Trilogy

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IDW Comics

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Transformers Film Series

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