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What can change the nature of a man?
~ Ravel to the Nameless One.

Ravel Puzzlewell is a secondary antagonist of the Dungeons & Dragons related videogame Planescape: Torment.

She is a Night Hag, a race of evil witch-like creatures of myth and legend. A big part of the game revolves around finding her since she seems to have important information about the Nameless One.


She is a master in making riddles and deconstructing people. Many individuals were killed or turned into slaves because they couldn't find the right answers to her riddles.

The original incarnation of the Nameless One was the only one who managed to answer her riddles and asked her to make him immortal in order to have enough time to redeem himself for a horrible crime he committed and avoid to end up in the nine hells of Baator.

Ravel granted the original incarnation his wish because he answered her riddles and also because she fell in love with him. But then Ravel killed the original incarnation in order to test his immortality and this triggered the first re-incarnation of the Nameless One and the creation of the Transcendent One.

Sometimes before the events of the game, Ravel tried to destroy the city of Sigil but she was stopped by the Lady of Pain who imprisoned her in a maze. And in this maze that the Nameless One and his companions have found her.