Well that's where you're wrong, Taylor. You won't be together forever, I'll make sure of it. Have a nice life, "friend"!
~ Raven's threat towards Taylor before enacting her revenge.

Raven is Taylor Markland's former best friend and the main antagonist of the A Haunting episode, "Bewitched". 


After a couple of years of being apart, Raven bumps into a pregnant Taylor when the latter was buying groceries. But Raven was jealous of Taylor's relationship with Sydney Markland since he entered her life, which ultimatley led to the destruction of their friendship. When Taylor told Raven away again, saying that she loves Sydney no matter what and if Raven can't accept that, she can't have her in her life anymore, Raven will make sure Taylor and Sydney won't be together forever, foreshadowing her evil plan to separate them.  At the Johnson City cemetary, Raven conjures the lion-like demon Dantalion through a satanic ritual and sends him to tear Taylor and Sydney away from each other. 

To make her threat more clear, Raven calls Jamie Markland's private phone number and she warned that if she ever calls her again she'll have her arrested, though Raven simply laughed at the idea. 

It is unknown what happened to Raven after Dantalion was cast back to Hell, but it is most likely she was arrested and sent to prison for her crimes.


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