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Isn't it obvious by now? If the bratty chief won't battle me, the island is mine!
~ Raven, interrupting Goliath about Raven trying to mislead the Manhattan Clan.

Raven was one of the immortal Children Of Oberon and an antagonist from the animated series Gargoyles. Like Anansi, he and Coyote were based on real-world trickster spirits, but portrayed as more of outright villains than their traditionally anti-heroic personas.

He was voiced by Lawrence Bayne.



Raven was in continual conflict with the benevolent spirit known as Grandmother and tricked the Manhattan Clan into fighting her by convincing them she was an evil sorceress. When in reality, she was trying to aid her people against Raven's bid for conquest.

Raven is noted for being one of the more unpleasant of the tricksters, using any trick necessary to get the upper-hand and often taunting his opponents whenever he had the chance: he was also a very sore loser and very arrogant (though many of the Children of Oberon were arrogant, a natural result of having such great power).

Another notorious plan is when Raven summoned a grizzly bear to kill Elisa. As Bronx scared the bear, Raven soon got angrier.

One of Raven's more despicable tricks was posing as a gargoyle himself alongside several illusions (including a bear, a wolf, and an eagle), pretending to be the survivors of a clan that had been slaughtered by the local humans. Although Angela saw through his deception, this was undoubtedly a low-blow on Raven's part as gargoyles are all too aware of their pasts and actively seek out others of their kind (many of which were slaughtered. However that, as they say, is another story).

Another one of the despicable tricks done by Raven was summoning the totem beasts (which are based on his illusions). Natsilane was able to defeat Raven and the Manhattan Clan destroyed the illusion beasts.

After being defeated by Natsilane, Raven was exposed for what he truly was and left the island, claiming it no longer interested him (though in truth he was simply angered at having lost, once again, to Grandmother).

The Gathering: Part One

Raven returns in his human form with the other Children of Oberon. He is seen in line and did not speak in this episode.


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  • Raven (mythology), which is based on the real-world Raven the Trickster.

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