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Villain Overview

Hadar sen olmen.
~ Raven Beak's most famous quote, translating to "Power is everything."

Ashkar Behek ("Raven Beak" in Chozo) is one of the overarching antagonists of the Metroid franchise, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Metroid and Metroid Fusion, the overarching antagonist of Metroid: Samus Returns, and the main antagonist of Metroid Dread.

He is the Chozo commander of the Mawkin Tribe and the overseer of Planet ZDR, having reprogrammed the E.M.M.I. into killing machines in order to lead bounty hunter Samus Aran to the planet. He is later revealed to be Samus' adoptive father, being the one whose DNA was utilized to genetically modify her into the skilled warrior she is today. He is also the one behind the massacre of the Thoha Chozo tribe, as well as the reason why the Metroids were situated on the planet SR388.

He was voiced by Dave Rogers Ruiz.


Raven Beak is a tall Chozo who wears silver and grey Power Suit, with glowing parts and his left eye scarred by Samus. He also wears red and golden regal robes, a headdress, and has a cannon replacing his right arm. He can also generate a pair of black feathery wings.

Beneath his armor, he has grey skin, a beak with cracks around its nostrils, and red eyes. Upon being infected by an X Parasite, Raven Beak mutates into an amalgamation of both Chozo and Kraid. The monster resembles Kraid, only with four arms seen on its chest and its mouth can open into four mandibles to reveal Raven Beak's face.


He worships at the altar of power. In his eyes, the Metroids were symbolic of a power great enough to rule the galaxy.
~ Quiet Robe on Raven Beak and his ambitions for power.

Raven Beak is a cold and heartless Chozo who desires nothing but power. He will use any means in order to obtain whatever he wants. While he addresses Samus as his "daughter" due to her carrying his genes, he cares nothing about her and only seeks to use her so she can awaken the Metroid powers within her. Once she serves his use, he can create an entire army of Metroid Samuses so he can conquer the galaxy.



Raven Beak serves as the leader of the Mawkin, a tribe of Chozo that refused to renounce their warrior way, instead of seeking to bring peace to the galaxy via conquering and war. He was one of the Chozo that responded to the distress signal from K-2L when Space Pirates led by Ridley raided their colony. After the Chozo adopted the sole survivor, a young human girl named Samus Aran, Raven Beak donated his DNA to Samus during their fusion experiments. This resulted in Samus gaining the Mawkin's fighting powers. Due to this, he viewed Samus as his "daughter".

Sometime after these experiments, Raven and the Mawkin are recruited by the Thoha tribe to help isolate the Metroids on the planet SR388 to prevent them from wreaking havoc across the galaxy. They succeed, and the Thoha decide to destroy the planet. However, Raven, plotting to use the Metroids as a bioweapon to conquer the galaxy, slaughters the entire tribe, only sparing Quiet Robe because he knows how to control the Metroids.

Upon returning to ZDR, one of Raven Beak's soldiers returning from SR388 was an X Parasite in disguise, forcing him to place his plans on hold in order to contain the X. Eventually, Raven Beak managed to quarantine the X within Elun, but all other members of the Mawkin were assimilated in the process, forcing him to rely on an army of robot soldiers. By the time the X were contained, Raven Beak discovered that Samus had already wiped out all remaining Metroids on SR388. This did not bother him in the slightest, for he knew Samus had Metroid DNA within her.

Metroid Dread

First meeting Samus

After the Galactic Federation sent Samus Aran to the planet ZDR, Raven Beak saw this as an opportunity to test her Metroid powers. He had Quiet Robe reprogram the E.M.M.I. robots previously sent to the planet by the Federation into killer machines. Shortly after Samus arrives in the Artaria region, Raven Beak confronts her on a bridge leading to the elevator to the surface. Samus battles him, managing to crack his helmet around his right eye with a Super Missile. Despite her powers, Raven Beak overwhelms Samus, destroying the elevator in the process, and prepares to finish her off while proclaiming "Hadar sen olmen," ("Power is everything"). Upon hearing these words, Samus suddenly awakens her Metroid powers before falling unconscious. Upon awakening, her attacker is gone and her suit's powers have been stripped.

The truth revealed

Later on, Samus discovers hieroglyphs depicting Raven Beak and his soldiers wiping out the Thoha. There, she meets Quiet Robe, who explains to her about Raven Beak's intentions of using the Metroids as bioweapons. Although the Metroids have been eradicated by Samus, he sought to turn Samus into a weapon instead due to the Metroid vaccine inside her. Quiet Robe is killed by a Chozo robot, but Samus makes a promise to put an end to Raven Beak's plans.

Upon defeating all seven E.M.M.I., Samus awakens the Metroid powers within her and tracks Raven Beak to his flying fortress above Hanubia, the Itorash. Under the disguise as her computer instructor ADAM, Raven Beak tells Samus that she was able to keep her Metroid powers at bay because of her Thoha DNA. He let Samus live after their first encounter as he wanted her to awaken her true powers as a Metroid first. He orders her to submit to him so he could bring order to the galaxy. Knowing it wasn't ADAM she was speaking to, Samus shoots at the computer to reveal it was a simulation controlled by Raven Beak. He reveals to her that his genes are inside her and ridicules her for her disobedience before engaging in a final showdown.

Final battle and demise

Despite Samus putting up a fight against Raven Beak, he overwhelms her and holds her by the neck. Raven Beak taunts her, as now that he turned Samus into the most powerful Metroid, he no longer has use for her as he can now clone her to make an entire army of Samus warriors at his hand and conquer the galaxy. Before Samus dies of strangulation, she remembers all the Chozo that have perished in Raven Beak's quest for power. Enraged, Samus activates her full Metroid powers. Using her hand-turned-claw, she effortlessly breaks through Raven Beak's helmet and begins draining his life energy. During their struggle, Samus absorbs the Itorash itself, causing the fortress to crash down on the planet, resulting in a chain reaction that causes the planet's destruction.

Raven Beak survives the wreckage and slowly limbs towards Samus to battle her once more. But before he can, a purple X Parasite infects him, violently mutating him into a monstrosity. Using her Hyper Beam, Samus effortlessly destroys both Raven Beak and the X. An X-infected Quiet Robe, managing to retain his benevolent nature, neutralizes the Metroid DNA to allow Samus to return to normal and pilot her ship off ZDR before it explodes, thus putting an end to Raven Beak and his ambitions once and for all.


Posing as ADAM

So, you've accessed a network station. Well done, Samus. I have reviewed your vital signs and video log from the data you uploaded. I've run a full analysis. But I cannot account for why you lost consciousness. My readings indicate dramatic physical changes in you. Whatever caused these changes seems to have stripped you of most abilities. You might call it physical amnesia. That brings me to your assailant. I am checking the Federation database against your video log. It appears to have been a Chozo. The attacker's identity is not yet clear. I have determined that you are somewhere within the depths of ZDR. Your top priority should be to return to your ship on the surface. This situation is…precarious. Trust your instincts as you navigate upward. This planet appears to consist of multiple areas. Shuttles, elevators, and other modes of transport connect them. Keep an eye out for ways to reach the surface. The ship's location is marked on your global map. Check it for yourself. You may encounter pockets of low temperature. Your Metroid DNA renders you vulnerable to such environments. Spending time in cold areas will be harmful to you. There are many such cold areas scattered underground. Do not enter them with your basic Power Suit. One final thing. Underground interference is preventing radio transmissions. Check in with me at any network stations you find.
~ Raven Beak speaking to Samus while posing as ADAM for the first time.
Both E.M.M.I. you encountered were clearly trying to capture you. They may have been hacked. If so, it's reasonable to assume all E.M.M.I. will be hostile. E.M.M.I.Send out a pulse to detect vibrations in the air within a certain range. Essentially, they can hear you. Upon detecting vibrations, an E.M.M.I. enters surveillance mode to track their source. Stay out of their line of sight when this happens. Otherwise, the danger to you increases dramatically. An E.M.M.I. that has seen you will begin pursuit. Part of the pursuit protocol is to seal the E.M.M.I. Zone exits. You will be trapped inside. To survive, you must leave its range of pursuit. Evade the E.M.M.I. and it will disengage. This will also unseal the exits. An E.M.M.I. will never leave its assigned Zone. Their control system must permit them to operate only within that range. I estimate a 99% probability of death if an E.M.M.I. captures you. There may be a very small opportunity to escape. But exploiting this window will be virtually impossible. The E.M.M.I. are immune to your current weapons. You lack the unique energy used to defeat the first E.M.M.I. Your only option now is to evade capture and find an exit. Your highest priority in an E.M.M.I. Zone should simply be to survive.
~ "Adam" explaining the E.M.M.I. to Samus.
There was no record of your assailant in the Federation database. However, there are records of a Chozo warrior tribe. There is a strong possibility the two are connected. You have seen the warrior tribe's architecture and artifacts on this planet.I conclude that this is one of their settlements. But why would someone lead you here and send the E.M.M.I. after you? The footage of the X parasite may have been staged to lure you in. The situation remains unclear. But your priority hasn't changed. You must return to the ship. You have activated the magma supply system. That has restored power to the closed thermal doors. Seek them out to proceed. Continue to search for the unique energy you employed against the first E.M.M.I. It is the only way to confront them. Unfortunately, this energy is limited. You may have noticed it dissipating after an E.M.M.I. is destroyed. There are six remaining E.M.M.I. hunting you. You have no means to confront them. Remember that.
~ "ADAM" speaking about Raven Beak and the E.M.M.I.
It appears your Metroid DNA has caused you to become a Metroid. Ordinarily, this would have happened immediately after the DNA transplant. Your Thoha genes must have slowed down the process. They were the only tribe capable of controlling the Metroids. Though you possess their DNA, you are not a Thoha. Your physical prowess suggests that you must also possess Mawkin DNA. Metroids are programmed to identify Mawkin as enemies. This suggests one thing to me. It is very probable that your metamorphosis occurred as a result of Raven Beak's attack. His presence awakened the Metroid's killer instinct. Since then, your metamorphosis has accelerated. It can no longer be controlled. You are now a Metroid, Samus Aran. Your very existence poses a grave threat to the galaxy. However, there is no need to fear. You need only use your new powers correctly.
~ "ADAM" explaining to Samus how his attack on her allowed her to activate her Metroid powers.

After being exposed

You have followed my instructions faithfully so far. Continue to do so. It's that simple. I consider your performance here on ZDR highly satisfactory. As I hoped, it has even awakened your Metroid powers. I was right to let you live during our first encounter. That one glimpse you showed told me everything. Submit and offer up your power. My plan is the only way to bring order to the galaxy. Fulfill your destiny, Samus. This is an order. Disobedience will not be tolerated.
~ "ADAM" revealing his true identity to Samus.
You disappoint me.. my daughter.
~ Raven Beak revealing his parentage to Samus Aran when the latter refuses to serve him.
Did you truly believe you could defeat me? You overestimate yourself. You no longer serve any purpose. Even your Metroid DNA is no longer necessary. Do you want to know why? It is now because I can clone an army of the most powerful Metroid of all... Samus Aran. No one can stand in my way, not even you. Foolish daughter... Leave the galaxy to me. Close your eyes and rest. Power... is everything.
~ Raven Beak tormenting Samus as he strangles her.


  • Excluding the True Chozo from the non-canon story Blood of the Chozo, Raven Beak is the first Chozo in the entire Metroid franchise to be evil.
  • The writing on Raven Beak's robes display are the Chozo symbols for "Hadar sen olmen".
  • Raven Beak is one of the few characters to survive being drained by a Metroid (albeit through Samus via her Metroid powers).

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