The Raven Lord

The Raven Lord

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The Raven Lord is the main antagonist of the videogame Heavenly Sword. He is responsible for all the events of the game and he is secretly worshipped and faithfully served by King Bohan.

This enigmatic warrior lead a huge army of men into attacking villages and conquering lands with with fierce brutality and unrelenting malice, although he was said to be a creature of Hell. The Heavenly Sword, a weapon supposedly of heavenly origin, was said to have been wielded by an unnamed divine warrior and slain the Raven Lord. After the battle was won and the Raven Lord defeated, the sword was left in the mortal world, becoming the center of wars over its power. The fighting made the sword lust after the life of its users, eventually killing them after a short time. A warrior tribe finally took charge of the sword, ending the wars and pledging to keep it safe and unused for the world's own good. Among the tribe, a legend said that the sword's original wielder would be reborn in the year of the "fire-horse", and that this figure would unite the world's scattered tribes and lead the world to peace.