Ravenous is a cosmic supervillain appearing in the Marvel Comics storyline Annihilation. He is Annihilus right-hand man, tasked with hunting down and capturing the heralds of Galactus in order to harvest the Power Cosmic from them. He has the power of the Opposing Force, the Negative Zone equivalent of the Power Cosmic.

Ravenous first appeared attempting to capture Air-Walker but rejected him upon discovering he was an android. He battled the Silver Surfer several times in attempts to capture him but was each time defeated. It is rumored he gained his name by consuming the flesh of one of his defeated foes. He battled along side the Annihilation Wave for the remainder of the war and he was eventually defeated by Ronan the Accuser.

Following the end of it, he became the default leader of what was left of the Annihilation Wave forces. As part of the treaty ending hostilities, the entire Annihilation Wave was ceded a number of territories formerly belonging to the Kree among them the former Kree capital of Kree-Lar where Ravenous oversaw the birth of a new Annihilus.

Shortly afterward the Phalanx launched an invasion of the Kree galaxy under the command of Ultron. Ronan and others came to Hala looking for a way to stop the Phalanx invasion. They tricked their way into the Kree throne room where they easily overpowered Ravenous and Ronan activated thousands of Sentries hidden under the palace. At the request of Ravenous, Ronan used them to destroy the attacking Phalanx before sending them to liberate Kree space. 

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