Raventail and his vermin gang.

Raventail is an anthropomorphic ferret and an antagonist in the Redwall book Marlfox.


Raventail was a barbarian chieftain who lead a band of other ferrets that wandered Mossflower Woods, looking for victims. He wielded a scimitar and had a raven's feather braided into his tail, hence his name. Raventail and his gang first appeared when they attacked Dannflor and his friends as they travelled to Castle Marl. The ferrets captured Dippler and Burble, and proceeded to torture them by dunking them in a river. When they were about to have further "fun" by flaying the pair, Dann and ong came back and scattered them, and Dann beat Raventail black and blue, almost killing him.

Later, Raventail and his vermin came across the Marlfoxes who were attacking Redwall. They joined forces, and together, after several defeats, they eventually broke into the Abbey. But when the Skipper of otters and his clan came as reinforcments, the tide was turned. Raventail was killed by the blind Abbey badgermum, Cregga, when she reached through the Abbey door and dragged him inside to an unknown, but lethal fate.


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