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Raw-Jaw is an ape-like beast of Quatros.


When Witch Doctor arrived and taking all the planet's reserve of Quaza. He captured by him and implanted with a corrupted Quaza spike, task to mining all the Quaza and send to find the unwelcome Heroes. He, Waspix and Scorpio confronted the Heroes and was called back to their master.

Raw-Jaw still mining the Quaza and begging the doctor stopped his controlled, he zapped him for disobeying and he went back to his task.

He was command to fight the freed Scorpio and he defeated him. He begs to the Heroes to help and Stringer remove the Quaza spike, he thanks him and ran back into the jungle.

Abilities and Traits

With great strength and agility, protecting himself from predators of Quatros. A appearance that resembles a gorilla with tusks of a elephant, impaling prey or battle intruders in his territory.

After the Witch Doctor implanted the Quaza spike on him, Raw-Jaw is more aggressive than normal and unwilling to served him.


  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Fangz and Scorpio.
  • His voice is light and sound younger than he appears.
  • His species is called " Gorillaphant" by Furno for some reason.
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