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"This is not over. These people are not gonna win. I'll make sure of that!"
~ Ray Crosby vowing to make his plans to demolish Weatherfield succeed so his business expansions will be completed.

Raymond "Ray" Allan Crosby is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street.

He is a supporting antagonist in 2019, the secondary antagonist in 2020, and the main antagonist in 2021 until he last appeared on February 21st 2021. Ray is a hotelier and properly developer who plans to buy all the properties on Coronation Street so he could redevelop the area to expand his business. Ray is known to have sexually harassed women on multiple occasions to the point where he later tried to rape his employee Faye Windass during the show's sixtieth anniversary week of episodes.

He was portrayed by Mark Frost.


In July 2019, Ray attended a meal at Speed Daal and was impressed by the food offered to him by owners Alya and Yasmeen Nazir. He later struck a business partnership with their friend Michelle Connor and proposed she work for him full-time. Michelle agreed. Ray later made his feelings for Michelle clear by summoning her to his hotel room and propositioning her in his dressing gown. Michelle reacted angrily, and Ray accused her of getting the wrong impression before admitting that he was rethinking the bistro partnership. Michelle continued to work for Ray despite this but, when he ordered her to complete menial tasks, she soon realized that he was punishing her for rejecting him. When Michelle refused to follow his instructions Ray informed her that she was in breach of contract but, after she threatened that she would spread the word about his inappropriate behavior, he offered Michelle a way out of her current contract on the condition that she sign a gagging order preventing her from speaking out against him.

Ray and Michelle began a conflict that ended after Michelle's husband Robert Preston had died. Michelle decided to leave Weatherfield and sold the Bistro, only to find out that Ray is the new restaurant's owner. Michelle's son Ryan also left the Bistro and Ray recruited Faye Windass and Bethany Platt in his expansion. He also recruited Alya, but she and Bethany learned the truth about his sex past and they left him. Faye continued to work for Ray and he soon began a sexual relationship with Abi Frankin. They continued the romance despite Abi's lover Kevin Webster wanting her to finish with him. When Abi learned about Ray's sex past, she ended the relationship and tried to expose his past to no avail. Abi later torched Ray's car to get revenge. Ray found out and used CCTV footage of the incident to force Kevin to sign the garage to him in exchange for not reporting Abi to the police. Ray later threatened Abi with the police unless she slept with him. Abi obliged, but Ray turned out to be playing her when he recorded her willingness to go through with the deal. Ray showed this to Kevin and he confronted Abi. Their still have a relationship but are left unhappy with Ray's tactics.

Ray soon managed to buy the rest of the properties in Coronation Street. Ray also arranged for Bethany's family to have a sinkhole in their garden and her uncle David Platt was forced to turn to Ray for help. David's sister and Bethany's mother Sarah Platt was unhappy due to the way how Bethany got caught up in Ray's sex past alleges. Ray is later joined by Kevin's sister Debbie Webster and it is revealed they are working together to redevelop Coronation Street by planning to demolish the street after seizing control of all the properties. The residents, including the series' protagonist Ken Barlow, rallied against Ray and vowed to not let him win. Ray later distracts himself by summoning Faye to the hotel. Ray pressured her into sleeping with him and he later tried to rape her on the night her evil grandfather Geoff Metcalfe died. Moments later, Faye's brother Gary Windass walked in on what Ray was doing to Faye and warned him to stay away from her. Faye refused to go to the police and Ray continue to plan with Debbie in putting their development ahead. They also find Gary's archenemy Adam Barlow unconsciousness, after Faye mistakenly attacked him thinking it was Ray.

In 2021, Ray and Debbie attended a meeting for the planning committee to agree to their development. Roy Cropper tried to protest but somehow the development was granted in favor. Everyone suspects Ray of bribing the chairperson and this turned out to be true when Ray meet up with her about it. Ray soon found himself in dire financial straits due to the risk he is using to profit his business and Debbie was outraged by his lack of progress. Ray was later arrested for raping Faye but released on charge. Abi later recorded Ray admitting to his bribery to the chairwoman and threatened to expose it unless he confessed to raping Faye. At first Ray agreed but later drugged Abi to stop her. Debbie tried to help but Ray threatened to kill her if she helped Abi. Later Abi was rushed to hospital and Ray goes missing. Abi later meet up with Debbie and she claims to have killed Ray when she phoned the ambulance to save Abi. It later emerges that Ray is alive and hiding in a safehouse where Debbie threatens to expose his crimes unless he relinquishes his ownership of the business to her. Ray is objective and the development plans are later called off.

Later on, however, Ray learns that Debbie is planning to betray him so she could takeover his business. He confronts her and locks Debbie in a freezer. Kevin comes to her rescue by knocking Ray out with a frying pan, but Ray regains consciousness and locks them both in the freezer before leaving them to die. Ray is later arrested for bribery, but claims that Debbie is behind everything in order to try and get out of the country. He is released and heads to the airport to make his escape. At the same time, however, Faye's boyfriend and policeman Craig Tinker finds out about the situation that both Debbie and Kevin are in. The two siblings are rushed to hospital, whilst Craig alerts police officers to track Ray down at the airport. This works successfully and Craig arrests Ray for false imprisonment and attempted murder. Since then, Ray has been charged with his illcit crimes despite pleading not guilty to Faye's rape.



  • Mark Frost (the actor who plays Ray Crosby) was initially planned to play Vinny Ashford in the Pat Phelan reign of terror storyline.
  • Ray Crosby is born in 1968 and has an unnamed daughter.