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 People aren't always what they appear to be. Don't forget that.
~ Ray Luquete to Suzy

Sheriff Raymond "Ray" Duquette (simply known as Ray Duquette) is the protagonist villain of the 1998 film Wild Things.

He was portrayed by Kevin Bacon, who also played Sean Nokes in Sleepers, Bobby Hayes in R.I.P.D., Sebastian Caine in Hollow Man, Jacques in Super, Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class, Wade in The River Wild, Martin Thiel in Criminal Law, and Joe Hickey in Trapped.


Kelly's mother Sandra Van Ryan goes to Ray and his partner Gloria Perez after Kelly tells her that Sam Lombardo, her high school's guidance counselor, raped her. Shortly thereafter Ray and Perez are assigned to the case. Then they interview Kelly's classmate Suzie Toller, who tells them that Sam also raped her; Susie also reveals that Ray killed her friend Davie during a drug bust.

At the trial, Sam's attorney, Kenneth Bowden, harshly cross-examines Suzie, who reverses her testimony and says that she and Kelly made it all up to get revenge against Sam for being tough on them at school. Sandra gives Sam a $1.5 million settlement to make the case go away. However, Ray appears convinced that there is more to the case.

Sure enough, he finds out that he is correct: he interviews Kelly and Suzie and keeps an eye on Sam, and finds our that all three of them are involved in a plan to bilk Sandra for money by creating a false rape claim. Ray goes after Kelly, resulting in Kelly being killed in a shootout, which Ray claims was self-defense. No charges are filed against him, but he is dismissed from the force and loses his pension.

It is later revealed that Ray and Sam were in on the scam together: they planned to use Kelly and Susie as pawns in a scheme to get rich off of Kelly's mother. However, Sam is angry that Ray murdered Kelly instead of framing her. They go fishing on Sam's sailboat, and get into a fight on board. Moments later, Suzie, very much alive and revealed as the mastermind of the plot, shoots Ray in the leg with a spear gun and hits him in the face with the boat's sail. Ray then falls overboard and drowns. 


  • Despite being revealed to have a part in the scheme and being in league with Sam Lombardo, he is essentially the main protagonist of the film, as most of the film revolves around him trying to crack the scheme, or so it seems to the audience.