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Ray Langton is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He is the biological father of local villain Tracy Barlow and formerly an ex-spouse of her mother Deirdre Barlow.

During his time on the show, Langton started out as a very shady newcomer of Weatherfield who grew dodgier to the point where he at most stages acted callous and scheming. This would continue when it came to his behavior being toned down at times.

He was portrayed by the late Neville Buswell.



Raymond Langton grew up with his sister Janice as orphans, since their parents died when they were very young. This likely played a part in Raymond constantly being in trouble with the cops and serving time in Borstal.

Coronation Street

Raymond Langton first came to Weatherfield in 1966 as a plumber who quickly settles himself on the street. He soon catches the eye of Lucile Hewitt and they spent most of their time doing some babysitting together, though Raymond often used this advantage to steal money from many people. At certain points, he stole from The Rovers Return Inn public house and the Barlow Family residence. When Lucile discovered what Raymond was doing, he threatened her with violence if she told anyone about this. He then attempted to pressure her into have sex with him, but Lucile rejected his advances and later confined to workman Len Fairclough about Raymond's deceit. Len confronted Raymond and forced him out of town.

In 1968, Raymond reappeared when he was employed by Jerry Boothe to work for him. Lucile fell for him again, but Raymond was dating another woman. He told the girls to fight it out between them and Lucile was victorious, although she soon dumped Raymond when his true colors came to surface once more.

In 1969, Janice turned up. She and her boyfriend Bob stole from a Rovers punter named Dave Smith. Their plan was discovered by Raymond and he attempted to return what was stolen from Dave, but instead Raymond was briefly accused of stealing it until the real culprits were eventually caught out.

Thereafter Raymond tried to woo his secretary Audrey Flemming, even though she was married. He and her husband Dickie got into a big fight, and when Raymond got injured, Dickie took pity on him and allowed him in his house. Raymond was crippled, but got out to play a game of darts and was able to walk again.

Sometime afterwards, Raymond employed two friends from prison. They helped with his illcit activities, but later stole the camera that belonged to Ernie Bishop - which was against Raymond's consent. They nonetheless threatened to pin it on Ray unless he helped them with a robbery. When local resident Ken Barlow discovered the situation, he helped Raymond out by posing as a policeman to scare his former accomplices off.

Soon enough, Raymond found Stan Ogden in the back of a bakery van so he decided to have some fun at his expense by driving him to a wasteland and abandoning him there. Stan lost his job because of this, so he locked Raymond up in the ladies' bathroom. They made up after Raymond gave him a job.

In 1973, Raymond began seeing Deirdre Hunt and made her his secretary. In 1974, Raymond helped a girl he knew called Alison reconcile with her rich boyfriend, as she had been staying over and Raymond was annoyed by the sound of the baby crying. Deridre was annoyed by this, so she started seeing fellow neighbour Billy Walker for comfort. This caused Raymond to hassle her at work over this. After things with Billy didn't work out, she returned to Raymond and they got married.

At somepoint, Deirdre was pregnant and Raymond was delighted to learn about this. She later gave birth to a girl, but then the pair argued over what to name the baby; Deirdre wanted to name her Lynette whereas Raymond preferred the name Tracy. In the end, he registered the baby as Tracy behind her mother's back.

Raymond eventually ruined his relationship with Deirdre by having an affair with Janice Stubbs. This was discovered by Emily Nugent, who then told Deirdre that led to her confronting Raymond about this. Though he apologized and proposed that Deirdre come to Holland with him for a new start, she refused to forgive him. Raymond then walked out on his family and departed the street after divorcing Deirdre off-screen; Deirdre had custody of Tracy.

While away from Weatherfield, Raymond had married another woman and soon divorced her years after she gave birth to their stillborn son.

In 2005, Raymond came back to the street after learning he had stomach cancer to make up with his daughter Tracy. Around the same time, he learned that Deirdre was to marry Ken as they were true lovers despite being former spouses at one point. Raymond accepted this and instead focused on seeking Tracy's forgiveness for walking out on her and Deirdre in the past. Tracy initially refused as she saw Ken as her father, but later forgave Raymond for his actions.

Raymond later joined Tracy in attending Deirdre's wedding with Ken. At the reception, however, Raymond suddenly collapsed and he paramedics were called to his aid; unfortunately, Raymond was confirmed to have died during the reception and Tracy was left shockingly devastated by this loss. Raymond later has his funeral arranged following his passing.



  • Neville Buswell (the actor who played Ray Langton) died on 25th December 2019 in Las Vegas - nearly 15 years after his character was killed-off in Coronation Street.