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Ray Wilkins is the minor antagonist of the 2000 horror/comedy spoof film Scary Movie, and later supporting protagonist of the 2001 sequel Scary Movie 2.

He was portrayed by Shawn Wayans.


He was in a romantic relationship with Shorty's sister Brenda Meeks, but sometimes, he is more of a stereotypical closeted homosexual and/or bisexual who is confused about his sexuality in both films; although he makes several gay references in the series, including wearing his clothes in a feminine way, making Brenda dress up like a footballer during a make-out session, admiring a male student's buttocks, calling Brenda 'Brandon' and changing his mind instantly to support Cindy Campbell's decision to turn themselves in after hitting David Keegan when Greg mentions his fear of prison rape. Ray is also shown to be athletic, as he plays football at his high school in the first film. He apparently has a habit of playing practical jokes, as Greg automatically assumes he took the photograph of his genitals in Scary Movie.

He and Bobby Prinze were copycatting Ghostface.

He along with Bobby captured Cindy Campbell's father and Bobby told Cindy the reasons and also revealed he and Ray are actually gays, however Ray denied. To be not suspected by the police, Ray and Bobby want to stab each other. However Ray lost control and stabbed Bobby many times. When Bobby reminded that it's his turn, Ray refused to be stabbed himself. The real killer appears behind Ray and stabbed him with a hook. Ray falls on Bobby in Doggy-Style.



  • He is a parody of Stu Macher from Scream, Phil Stevens from Scream 2, and Tyrell Martin from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.


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