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Do you know what those spic mud-people do to good white women like us?
~ Rayanne reveals her true colors to Tamyra Borden.

Rayanne Leland is the main antagonist of the 2008 Cold Case episode "Spiders". She is the leader of a Philadelphia Neo-Nazi coven also consisting of Elliot Leopold, Lindsay Port, and her son Truitt Leland. She masterminded the murder of Truitt's girlfriend, Tamyra Borden, when the latter threatened to go to the police with the group's actions.


Rayanne was a violent racist who believed in using murder to solve the issue of illegal immigration, and an admirer of Adolf Hitler and The Lightning and the Sun, a book of Neo-Nazi philosophy. She raised her son Truitt to be a Neo-Nazi as well, and the Lelands recruited followers such as Truitt's airheaded ex-girlfriend Lindsay Port and Elliot Leopold, a weak-willed young man ashamed of his Jewish heritage. The group engaged in numerous crimes, mostly vandalism but some violence as well.

In 1998 Truitt started dating Tamyra Borden, a teenage girl with an abusive father, Sly. The Lelands took in Tamyra and attempted to recruit her to Nazism, as well. Truitt got Tamyra to admit that sly became abusive after he lost his job to an illegal Mexican immigrant, and decided to murder a Hispanic person and get Tamyra to participate. The group stalked Nora Mariposa, a young mother who had pulled over to the roadside due to a flat tire, and beat her, with Truitt then asking Tamyra to shoot her. When Tamyra refused, Truitt did so himself. Horrified, Tamyra turned to Rayanne for help, only to find her washing the blood out of her son's clothes. Rayanne justifies her son's actions by saying that Hispanics rape white women, and also reveals she's bolted all the house's doors, making Tamyra her prisoner. Tamyra is freed by a sympathetic Elliot, but Rayanne preys on Elliot's insecurities and gets him to pursue Tamyra and beat her to death before she can reach the police.

Tamyra's case is reopened in 2008 after Sly Borden is arrested for beating his three-year-old stepdaughter into a coma. Sly, however, is quickly ruled out as a suspect in favor of the Neo-Nazi coven, and Det. Lilly Rush of the Philadelphia PD tricks Lindsay into telling the full story of Nora Mariposa's murder. Lindasy gives up Truitt, who in turn places the blame on his mother for Tamyra's murder. During her interview, Rayanne implicates Elliot. Elliot ultimately confesses to killing Tamyra, and names Rayanne as the person who ordered him to do it, and all four Neo-Nazis are arrested.