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Raydrik is a major antagonist from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the duke of Munster who fights on the side of King Bloom. He wields the mighty Loptous Sword, bestowed upon him by Veld of the Loptyrian Cult.


Raydrik was originally a general of Conote, and a trusted noble serving the young King Carl, whom he helped enthrone. He later conspired with the Grannvale Empire to gain the trust of King Travant of Thracia. He plotted the death of his country's king, who he originally saw as naive and easy to control, as well as the annihilation of Leonster's forces and King Calf at the Battle of River Thracia. However, before Travant is able to fully conquer Northern Thracia, he is double-crossed by Raydrik. After the newly formed Grannvale Empire conquers and annexes the Munster District, Duke Bloom, now the King of Northern Thracia, installs Raydrik as the Duke of Munster as a reward for his role in Leonster's downfall.

Raydrik first appears to capture Nanna and Mareeta during an attack on Fiana Village. Later on, he imprisons Leif after Leif captures Fort Kelves and leads Eyvel to an arena in Munster Castle. Here, Eyvel and Nanna against mercenaries, including a possessed Maretta, in order to see Eyvel's worth, and eventually, Veld decides that she is strong enough to become a Deadlord, so he turns her to stone. When Leif manages to escape the castle, Raydrik orders his troops to prevent Leif's escape from Manster, and he continues his assault until Leif escapes into Thracia and Raydrik and his men are forced to retreat after encountering General Hannibal of Thracia.

He is not seen again until the end of the game, when Leif's army invades Munster. Raydrik decides to fight them after asking Veld to give him a last chance at stopping Leif's army. Unfortunately, during th battle, He is killed by Leif, who now wields the Bragi Sword, which manages to overpower the Loptuous Sword. Following his death, Rardrick's body is teleported away by Veld, who uses it to create an incarnation of the Deadlord Mus.



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